Fiber Products

I’ve been taking a couple servings of Benefiber supplement daily in hopes of making up for fiber lacking in my diet. I have since changed my diet to include many more fibrous vegetables and am questioning the need for this or a similar product.

Do you use a similar product? Why or why not? Why the one you use, if you do use one?

I was thinking about trying one when I got backed up from a low calorie diet, but now at the least I pretty much have a serving of flax with breakfast and 1 slice of whole wheat toast, a big spinach salad sprinkled with chia seeds with lunch, and a bag of brocolli with dinner, with some fruit mixed in.

That about takes care of my fiber needs for the day. I feel great, the rest of my meals are clean and I just don’t feel a need for one. But, I wouldn’t mind having some on hand if my meal plan gets messed up for a day.

Fibrous veggies just don’t have that much fiber. Eating 6-9 servings of veggies a day, like broccoli, I was getting only 12-15 g of fiber. 25-35 is the recommended amount, and I do much better getting 35 than 15. This can hardly be done with veggies alone. I eat whole grains and beans as well and get lots of fiber there. I also use Fibersure (inulin), which increases good bacteria in the gut. My gut really likes the inulin.

Fiberchoice chewies are my weapon of choice. eat enough whole wheat foods and you’ll easily surpass your requirements.

Flax and Avocados if you are on a super low carb diet. Those combined with fruits and veggies if you are taking in more carbs.