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Fiber One Cereal


Who eats Fiber One cereal? I really enjoy it, since it's high in fiber and low in sugar. I normally have it with Almond Milk and some Stevia or Splenda. Almost impossible to find any cereal that's healthier


cereal is junk, don't fall for the marketing hype.

that is a blanket statement, but I stand by it.


oatmeal for the win


Fiber One is the only cereal I eat. I usually have a cup of it with 3/4 cup of almond milk and a dash of cinnamon each morning, along with my eggs and an orange. Tasty!


Almond Breeze is awesome though.


Fiber One Cereal is only Cereal I eat every now and then. It does have some iffy ingredients, but for the amount of Fiber it has...it's defiantly worth getting.


Most cereal IS junk, but I think I can vouch for fibre one. We're looking at 14 grams of fibre (approximately) for half a cup. Thats hardly junk.

Well the fibre cereal I eat isn't fibre one, its the store brand, but it has shit tons of fibre (pun not intended).


there is an ezekiel cereal out now, its pretty good and same ingredients as the bread


cardboard? no

delicious? yes!


Their Raisin Bran is fuckin awesome.


I use the original fiber one...The other flavors (raisin bran, honey clusters etc) are not good for you as they are triple the carbs and equal to or lower than the fiber found in the original.