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Fiber on t-dawg 2.0

The artical doesnt mention if you subtarct fiber carbs or not, do you?

Good question, elnino57. It’s a question that’s asked often and obviously a point of confusion.

Fiber is a subset of total carbs and should be subtracted. Example, 1 ounce of broccoli (raw and trimmed) is 1.5g of carbs with .8g of fiber. You would record that you ate .7g of carbs for the 1 ounce of broccoli.

Someone asked this before. Here was my response:

I count everything when keeping a food log. I also think it’s kind of silly not to count some carbs because of their fiber content. True, the fibery (is that a word?) carbs aren’t anything to worry about, but it’s a pain to do the math. Most people won’t even keep a food log, much less subtract fiber carbs and make the process more complicated and time consuming.

My reasoning is this: Let’s say that you experiment and decide that, for dieting, 120 carbs is perfect for you. In that trial and error process, you counted everything. Well, maybe in reality you only consumed 90 “real” carbs. The rest came from fiber. So what? It’s not important if the number in your log is 90 or 120, all that matters if that you’ve found what works for you. Who cares what the “real” number is. It’s just as easy to count everything and simplify the process.

That’s what I do.