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High fiber carb-sources are usually
recommended, both when bulking and cutting. However, its easy to consume TOO much fiber if you are eating enough! I discovered that a couple of weeks ago, I was getting 25+ grams of fiber at breakfeast alone! Ive read that more than 60 grams should be avoided, as it can be damaging to ones hormone levels (testosteron, etc). What do you think? Should the foods really rich in fiber be avoided if you are trying to gain beef?

dude, I easily eat over 60 grams of fibre a day, even when I eat less than 2400 cals. Between the flax meal, brewer’s yeast, all of the veggies, nuts, beans, wheat germ, and fruits I consume, 60 is a conservitive level for me. I heard that hunter-gatherers could eat over 100 grams of fibre in a typical day. With all of the raw plants and seeds in a HG diet, that number seems to make sense. I do not notice any ill effects, but maybe that is because I have been eating this much fibre for 2+ years. I am also curious if there is an upper limit on fibre.