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Fiber Makeup?


1.I was wondering what my muscle fiber makeup is?

I have 15 years worth of weight training unfer my belt and I have relegiously kept a training journal.

Ian King had said that

  1. The longer one trains with weights (in years), the lower the average reps that one responds to. This is an observation I’ve made over the years.
    Bodyweight 185lbs

Vertical 34 inches

Squat (Oly Style)10RM 255lbs
Squat (Oly Style)1RM 295

Deadlift 17 reps with 315lbs
Deadlift 1RM =415lbs
= 76%

One arm snatch 5RM 80lbs
One arm snatch 1RM 95lbs

Power Clean above knees(block)
10 singles with 190 (does not make sense regarding my 1RM)
Power Clean above knees(block)
1RM 195

Pullup 14RM Bodyweight (185lbs)
Pullup 1RM 100Lbs (*285)

Flat B.bell B.Press 16 singles of 235
Flat B.bell B.Press 7 singles of 247

Flat B.bell B.Press 8RM of 225
Flat B.bell B.Press 1RM of 265

I have tried various rep ranges and different workouts. I have used info I have gained from your site,Milo, Poliquin book, Ian Kings book etc

What seems to work best for me are auto reg clusters(mutiple singles) which I have been doing for some time.

My question regarding fiber makeup has to do with what type of cycling through rep ranges should I do?

1.Should I do as Waterbury suggests and use different reps ranges throughout the week and how would I employ these rep ranges.

2.Should I stick to auto Reg Clusters for say 2 weeks at a time then switch it up to 1 week of 8rm being careful not to over do the volume or better yet let myself get accustomed and conditioned to more volume

and with either of these approaches I would from time to time (4-8weeks) insert a recovery week.
Any suggestions

I have been looking at the Pendulum Training appoach but I am not sure which one to go with either the power or athletic pendulum is there a way to make a hybrid up of these two methods as my goals do fall in either catergory.
Goals are to increase maxes in Squat,dead,bench,chin ,one arm snatch and to improve overall fitness levels GPP
Given the info I have provided what rep ranges should I try to incorporate. I know for certain that I will do auto re clusters but besides that what other rep ranges would help out.
Using Waterbury blue print how should one go about incorporating differnet rep brackets

With the info I have provided how would I structure a pendulum approach to training. Goals are to increase maxes on squat,dead,b.press,chin,one arm snatch,power clean.
An Increase of 10lbs LBM.
Improvement in general fitness GPP.

Would the program be possible training only two days a week or would three a week be better. Gpp could be a third day

Using waterbury’s approach how would I cycle through the rep ranges throught the week.
Would the program be possible training only two days a week. Gpp could be a third day