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Fiber Intake

I wanted to start a discussion around Fiber intake. How much do you take in supplement form (i.e. Metamucil). And secondly, when is the best time or strategy for taking fiber.

  1. Evenly throughout the day.
  2. With P + F meals
  3. With P + C meals
  4. Before, after or during meals
  5. Pre-workout
  6. In the mornings
  7. Last meal before bed.
  8. Night time P+F snack
  9. Not with Sugeg post workout or the next meal after Surge.

I am looking to experiment with timing and quantity but looking for what others are using/experiencing.

I am currently wrapping up week #5 on growth surge projet which I have been using JB’s Massive Eating.

Next I am moving onto JB’s OVT and first two to three weeks will use the Fat Fast but include about 2400 cals + fiber intake and no carbs except Surge PWO. Then I will likely go to T-Dag for about 5 weeks or so. Thanks guys.

With P + F meals
With P + C meals
during meals
In the mornings