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Fiber In a P + F Meal

Following Berardi’s guidelines of limiting carbs in a P/F meal to under 10 grams, this leads me to a question. It has been stated before that you do not need to count fiber towards your daily carbohydrate limits while cutting. So this leads me to a question. If there is a flatbread that has 24 total carbs with 15 of them being fiber, can I eat this with a P+F meal? Is it viwed as 24 carbs or 9? Thanks much.

Don’t eat the flat bread. Eat veggies. Most veggies don’t really count as carbs and add fiber, i.e. 90 grams of mixed veggies have only 7 grams of carbs and 2-3 grams fiber.

Sorry, I should rephrase my question. I don’t need the carbs, I just enjoy eating stuff like tuna with a little bit of bread… makes me feel better. It’s not whether or not there is anything better than that, im simply asking if its ok to do. Thanks for the help.

Look at the ingredients again. It should have a listing for sugars. If there are 24 grams carbs total, I would still use the 24 grams total carbs in my calculations. And that is too many carbs for a P+F meal. How many grams of sugars are there?

Zero grams of sugar. 24 carbs total, 15 of which are fiber. I actually ended up just using half of one to make it 12 and 7, and it worked fine.