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Fiber Help

My wife is dieting for her first figure show and she is having allot of problems with all the cramping due to the amount of vegetables she is eating. She has tried Beano and it is not working. If anyone has any ideas on this that would be great.

Hi, Thad!!! There are actually two things I would recommend.

  • Have your wife take a good digestive enzyme with each and every meal/snack.

  • Have your wife do a round of pro-biotics. Some of my favorites are Bio-K, Tree for Life, Ethical Nutrients and Jarrow. Have her pick a different one on the list every time she purchases a pro-biotic; in other words, rotate. And since each of the products are designed differently and have different combinations of cultures, make sure you follow the manufacturers instructions precisely.

You didn’t ask, but I would recommend in addition that your wife makes sure she’s meeting some of her fat requirements with fish oil or flaxseed oil.

And since she’s dieting, make sure she’s getting a good multi-vitamin!!!

Good luck to both of you!!!