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fiber bloating me up

I recently started eating this All Bran cereal for breakfast as way to start getting more fiber in my diet. I am trying to gain right now but I have noticed I am gaining maybe too much fat. My stomach has been sticking out lately, and I was like ‘whoa, I’ve got to eat cleaner and start doing cardio’.

But then I read somewhere that psyllium, which is in the cereal, holds onto water. Is this true of all fiber. Could it be that fiber is making me bloated? And I mean real bloated.

THe other day I weighed myself at 186lbs. holy shit!! I was 176-178 only maybe two weeks ago. Then on Tuesday I weighed 180. Then last night I was 186! WTF! I know its all water, but that seems like a lot. Plus I don’t like how later in the day I walk around feeling like my dad or santa clause. But somedays, I don’t feel or look bloated. So I started thinking maybe its only when I eat the cereal?

Any comments, or thoughts?

You gotta slowly add more fiber into your diet or else you will have an upset stomach. Get some oats and mix in some fiber one into that. BTW, fiber one is a lot better than all bran.