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Fiber and Supplements


I was thinking about taking a fiber supplement (physillum husk) with flax seed on my next dieting down phase. Won't the fiber flush out important supplements and vital proteins??


Cy or somebody,

I understand not to take multi-vit with my high fiber meal, but is it a bad idea to take any supplements (Biotest or others) with a lot of fiber? Or are some things OK with fiber?


I actually used a dietary supplement containing phsyllium husk while fasting for several days recently. The directions said that it would bind to food if taken during or after a meal, FWIW. Not sure about it absorbing vital nutrients though.


Cy has said in the past that although you can take supps with food, you should not take them with high-fiber meals.


Here is what LL told me in another thread.

"Don't sweat the interference of soluble fiber (insoluble doesn't present the same problems) with minerals ("divalent cations") at a daily intake of 25-33g total fiber daily. Will some interference occur? Perhaps but it's not like you're consuming 50 grams of fiber per day.

Too much concern over the interactions between soluble fibers and minerals could lead to daily behaviors like not getting-in all one's required nutrients. ("No, I can't eat that yet...") And it's a litle stressful. Besides, gastro-intestinal transit time varies and it'd be tough to know when that fiber was in the intestines at the same time as the minerals anyway. This is especially true for BB who eat six or more times daily!

If you'd like some research abstracts, PM me, eh? Or email me at Lonman7@hotmail.com and I'll send them as attachments for informational purposes. I've got more than you probably want to see!

I personally don't take pricey fish oils with my mornig oats, just to be on the safe side... and because that's when I'm looking for a low-fat meal anyway.

(Note: we're talking about a day's worth of fiber MAYBE resulting in a few grams of fat not getting absorbed; you see, noticeable "steatorrhea" would result if more than a half-dozen grams of fat or so per day left one's backside.)