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Fiber and Protein

It has been well publisized that insoluble fiber can pull fat throught the GIT causing it to not be absorbed.

Will fiber also do the same with protein?

Don’t know, but it is a good question. Alternative Medicine, The Definitive Guide (Burton GoldBerg 1994) states never to take fiber with supplements. Don’t know if it applies to pro, maybe for a slow digesting pro it would matter.

Berardi discussed this at length in an “Appetite for Construction” column a while back. I have written about this as well, and to summarize, fiber will form a viscous gel around the nutrients, that seems to inhibit your body’s digestive enzymes from getting at the protein efficiently. One way to solve this is to take enteric coated digestive enzymes about 20min before your meal. They have to be enteric coated though, because you need them to act in the small intestine, not the stomach. I use Michael’s brand, but they can be hard to find. Read JMB’s column for the full breakdown on how insoluble vs. souluble fiber has different effect on absorption.