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Fiber and Bloatung


Hey guys i have upped my veggie intake quite a bit the past month or so has been terrible regarding farts and bloating..should i not eat so many veggies? What else could be the problem..its horrible because when i go roll i always feel like i have to let one go and feel bloated all the time.


Stick it out, brah!

Whenever you change anything significant in your diet, whether it's for the better or worse, you will experience bloating and fierce farts.

Give your body some more time to adapt, and congrats on eating your veggies!


you dont mean like mali or X do you...?


haha no jiu jitsu...but i upped my veggie intake by like 1.5 pounds how long do you guys think it will take to be back to normal with this.


lol ok just making sure. anyway idk about the adjustment period. i've seen some people say they dont ever adjust but i did.

i personally, can eat poudsn and pounds of green veggies with no bloat or gas