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Fiber Advice

Just a little advice, don’t mix up any metamucil or things like that in a bottle, and then leave it in the fridge. I thought I was being smart, but it soaks up all the water and clumps into one thing which has a very disturbing texture. Even if you add more wake and shake vigorously, it’s still not a fun situation.

Fiberchoice chewable tablets ftw

Haha man, I’ve actually gotten constipated from eating too much fiber. I hate that shit.

I made the same mistake with a water bottle. Formed a lump of goo that stuck to the bottom.

But it was my only water bottle, so I was just drinking the water off the top. then the wad of good became dislodged and all went into my mouth in one chunk.

I won’t lie, it was pretty nasty.