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Fiancee's Parents


My in-laws are here to visit. I want to kill them. They won't stop trying to fix things. I came downstairs this morning to find pieces of my fiancee's car in the living room with her dad busying himself "fixing" things. This thread has no purpose beyond giving me somewhere to vent my desire to go bezerk with a chainsaw.




Lol, hey could be worse.


Dude. That fucking blows.

I hate my In-Laws too.


You have my sympathy. Before my inlaws moved to Florida my FIL would come over to do "projects" at my house. I'd give him simple shit to do, but he didn't know one of the screwdriver from the other. After he chopped through my good 100' extension cord with a trimmer, my basement and garage were off limits to him.



It could be worse. When they get old and decrepit you end up having to fix shit for them. I've just come back from visiting my elderly parents, who have both had strokes. In earlier years, my one consolation of a boring visit to my parents (who don't have a computer/internet/satellite telly) was that I'd get a good meal out of it. But these days, I not only end up cooking for them, but also buying the food to replace the out of date stuff in the fridge (there was a cucumber in there this time that was actually liquid...). I had to re-wash up half the crockery in the cupboard because my dad hadn't done it very efficiently last time. Oh, and now I get to cut their toenails as well because they can't do it themselves. Not to mention, everytime I go I have to show my dad how to use the DVD player, because he always forgets.
It's only going to get worse.


If her dad is "busying" himself, he is probably bored.

Why not play the good host and entertain?


Exactly! Take Pops to Home Depot and buy him a measuring tape or something. Man if you're to the point that she's going to be your wife, you have to be civil with the in-laws. I've always gotten along just dandy with the parents of the women that have decided to stick around me. Even the racist, redneck douche bag took a liking to me. Mainly because I let him drive my diesel once when we were getting food for a BBQ we had going. Sum bitch bought a Ford last time I saw him. lol


Been there, done that lately. My dad who once had mega bucks (like $3 million or more) married this hag about 20 years ago who milked him out of his fortune with bad investments, moving like 12 times, had their nice new house foreclosed on last year and fled Florida.

They're both over 90, have all their money in cash stashed in their house in a shopping bag in a closet now so the bank can't get it since they walked away from the house. They live in a semi-hovel, are in real bad shape and she's always dialing 911 to take her to the hospital for this and that. Most people have a 7 compartment pill box, hers has 28 and they're all FULL.

My dad is in good shape mentally, his body is falling apart and he's partially housebroken if you know what I mean. She's on the verge of congestive heart failure, is diabetic and is known to take the wrong insulin at times. She's alienated EVERYONE in my family and hers, they have no friends and live 50 miles out in the boondocks.

I was there Friday since she was in the hospital. She signed herself out before I could make the hour drive out. My wife talked her into taking her to the doctor. We got some decent take out for dinner, fully expected to be out of there by 6 PM, but noooo... we got home by 10 PM and I was shot to shit. I had to leave work early to boot and it fucked up my overtime for the week.

I could see if these people were remotely grateful. They haven't remembered my kids birthdays since 1995 or so. Forget about Xmas. The only time they call is when one of them is in the ER or some other calamity they got into. My wife cleaned out their freezer and fridge too, no wonder my old man has the shits all the time. They don't cook, eat out at BK or McDonalds all the time. 2 years ago Xmas, they had hot dogs for breakfast in their car outside 7-11.

My inlaws are 10 years younger, remember the kids at all holidays and make the trip from Fla at least once a year. They called today just to see how everyone is. My MIL sends up Xmas presents right after Thanksgiving and we hold them until Xmas. They take cruises, have loads of friends and people generally like them, quirks aside. They spend their money wisely and really have very few health issues, at least nothing that will knock them down short term.

Some people age gracefully, some don't. My old man chose the worst case scenario when he got remarried at age 70. Whenever I get phone calls late at night or from some other family member, I on;y pray that my cunt of a stepmother has taken her last breath or is on life support. I would go to the hospital and stand on her breathing tube for 15 minutes.



Me and everyone else in the house were in bed like normal people at half eight on a weekend morning! We then had to wait while her dad and I put the car back together so we could go and do the "entertaining" things we had planned! But they have gone now, and I am calm.

They are actually really nice people, but they are struggling with their little girl having flown the nest. So they feel the need to fix things without being asked. So we'll be sitting down having a glass of wine after dinner and her mum will start taking the lamp on the coffee table to pieces because she thought it was a bit wonky, etc. Yeah I know its coming from a good place but its fucking annoying.

But like I said, I'm calm now, and as the other posts have highlightes, it could be much much worse.


My FIL is unable to sit in one place for more than a 1/2 hour without fidgeting. Last year they stayed at my place, set off the alarm twice and then we gave up setting it at night when they visited. They were staying with my BIL a month ago, set off his alarm and the cops showed up.

I had gotten a new PC at home 5 years ago. I mean it was maybe 2 months old. Of course he's up at 4:30, read the paper aned is now bored. My MIL sleeps until 10. So he sits at the PC and starts playing around, goes to a poker site and my new PC is now loaded with all sorts of funky viruses and will barely run. I had to jump through a flaming hoop to get the PC back to a virus-free state.



If you handle a chainsaw the same inept way you handle a hunting knife, then dude, you'll probably end up killing yourself.



ZING!!! To the doctors with you!


You should have said something like, "Hey Edison, when you finish with the car can you take a look at your daughter's vagina? I think it needs fixing after the massive pounding I gave it last night." Then you should have guffawed really loudly while slapping him on the back.

This would practically guarantee they never visit again.


Hahaha, so wrong, but so definitely plan B next time they visit.

And yes, perhaps on my recent track record I should leave the chainsaws alone. I have got my chainsaw qualifications, but in-law butchery wasn't covered.


I like my future in-laws a lot. They don't like to socialize and are generally very quiet. MIL is amazing in the kitchen (she sews too) and FIL can fix cars. When they come over for dinner they leave 20 min after it's over. "We gotta be gettin home."

LOL, perfect.


I get along very well with my soon to be inlaws. Good thing...they live a block away. MIL is a kick--71 and my lifting partner. She is really amazing--quite a dynamo. Constantly busy. We joke that if she were tied to a chair, and forced to be inactive, she would explode or something.

She puts me to shame with her energy level and she is 27 years my senior. She was laid off from her job last spring and has been so busy that she jokes she needs a new job, just so she can rest. An example--I got off work at 6, drove the hour plus home, was exhausted and eating pizza, and she fired up the lawnmower. I guiltily ate pizza whilst listening to the mower....

It is great that we get along well, and that I know I can count on her if I need her.

My mom...I love my mom but she is totally losing it mentally. Has a hard time remembering things, etc. Very painful to watch.


They ain't in-laws yet. Break it up while you can!


Everyone I know who obsessively takes shit apart and tries to "fix" it is a speed freak. Maybe your in-laws like freebasing crystal meth.


This is why You should consider mail order brides. No family trace.