Fiance Doesn't Lose Weight Unless She Does Keto

And keto totally fukks up her stomach to where she has bouts of severe constipation- like she will be on bathroom for 2 hours without being able to poop and her belly feels like it’s about to explode. She never has these problem outside of doing keto

What the hell can I do?? She works out very very hardcore with me with weights 5 days a week and she eats healthy and low calories- around 1200-1500 cals a day. She’s 5’10 196

How can she lose 30 lbs without doing keto? Is there a reason why keto is only thing that works and how can she not have this severe constipation with keto? She was taking fiber supplements every day and eating lots of veggies and some fruits and drinking tons of water. She still had the severe constipation

She keeps asking me for help and I feel so helpless because nothing I tell her seems to work. I should mention she has a good amount of muscle now

in before shit hits the fan

What is her daily macro count?
How much water is she drinking?
Training regimen?
Has she lost any weight yet? You said Keto is the only thing that works, so this usually implies it has been done before
Not to be weird, but posting a pic (appropriate and with face blurred) helps a lot in these circumstances.

P.S. Keto is more of a lifestyle than a ‘diet’. A lot of people tend to put that weight on again immediately after stopping keto.

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There are different “female diseases” that can do this.
She needs to do an USG at her gynochologist and also have related hormones checked. There is tons of info on this on the internet also - im not an expert so ill just say that there are things that do this for women, and its not carb or keto related, its hormone and gynochology related. She needs to do all the checkups with gyno and endo also.

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Less cheese.

More green veggies.