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Fhe Funniest/Stupidest Name for a Band


The cumshots

This world :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, so this totally makes up for your last thread lol


Did you evolve into ultralars like in digimon?


more funnt/stupid names:

adolf satan

anal cunt



Cockburn. I'm pretty sure it's really a guy's last name, too.



Sharon Tate's Baby.

Doesn't get stupider than that.


Polish band "anal stench"




I used to make up my own shitty band names when I was 16. "Steamin' Triple Coiler" with their hit single "The Butt Cheek Squeak"

This was done in the back of English class, not on Friday night or anything.

Friday night was Star Trek: The Next Generation night!


Sticking with metal/punk/grindcore bands is too easy. You have to get creative and branch out.

Anyway, what's wrong with a little Bananarama, or Echo & the Bunnymen?


Mongoloid porn inferno?


How about "Fhe"?


this guy has the funniest voice ever, especially at the start.


Listen to this guys voice,