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FFSG (fat fast support group)

Whuz up all my fellow fat fasters. I just started, following to the T (insert pun smirk here). It is a bitch though. Which is why I have took the liberty of creating the FFSG, right here in the T-mag forum (if they let me.) The post will start here, and every week I’ll write another so ohter fat fasters can give support and inspiration. So blast away my fellow fasters!

Do I have to just drink protein drinks and flax oil or could I get the same success by eating solid foods providing I end up with the same caloric total and protein/fat ratios?
It’s just that I weigh 250 and love my food.
Thanks from a frustrated Englishman

How many calories should I be consuming whilst on the FF? Any formulas for this would be appreciated!!
A frustrated Englishman


Good idea, Watts. I just started the FF this week and I’ve been looking for others’ results on the forum. I am interested in finding out what others have used for supplementation and workout/recovery programs (outside what is mentioned in the articles). So lets hear it fellas–any helpful hints or alterations to the original plan that bring superior results?
MarkyMark- I believe the caloric intake for the original plan was right around 1300 calories/day, coming almost exclusively from protein shakes and flax oil. Just reread the articles to make sure I’m not passing you bad info. Also, I think the occasional hard boiled egg or can of oil-packed tuna is o.k.

I thought about trying a simple cycling fat fast diet… eat normal M-F and do the FF on the weekend. It’s kind of the opposite of a keto diet, where you carbo load on the weekend. This way makes sense for me because I don’t train on the weekends, so I don’t need as much food. I’ll start next weekend when I get my body fat scales and if it works out I’ll post on the forum.

NOTE TO ALL SUPPORT GROUP ATTENDIES: this is a place where people already on the Fat Fast can share info and results on a day by day basis. For sometimes the success of others can be inspiring in and of itself!
-KDWAG-I found that having one of the protien/flaxseed shakes with a couple of MD6’s can really help out in the intensity department during a workout. It’s no powerdrive but I’ll take what I can get on this diet.-Watts-

Watts-I’ve actually tried the FF once before, coupla months ago. I only lasted about a week, though. This time I’m in it for the long haul–I want results! I do remember from the first time around that taking a thermogenic was about the only way I could function at a respectable level. Not taking MD6 right now, spent all my supp. budget on Androsol, Tribex and protein powder. I’m getting by on leftover fat burner stack from SciFit for now. I’ll pick up some MD6 as soon as my budget permits. What does your workout look like? Are you having to add in more recovery days? Think I’m gonna have to.

How many carbs are in your protein powders? I have one that is 110 calories, 23 grams protein, and 4 grams of carbs. Is this low enough? Also, I subscribed to the print edition, yes I am now a “VIP”, and the calculation for the calories per day was (10.2X weight) + 879. You would then divide the answer by 2. Well, in doing the math for Brock his daily caloric intake would be about 1520 calories per day. He ate 1300, my question is why should a 212 lb man eat as much as a 170 lb man? Should a person who weighs 175 eat about 1100 instead of 1300 calories?

Marky: The calories are about half your basic resting rate. I forget the formula but one place to start is take your bodyweight and multiply it by 50 (example: 200 pounds x 50 is a 1000 calories). Start there and possibly modify it up or down 100 calories. As for liquid vs. solid foods, in the beginning I ate solids and received decent results, losing about 3+ pounds a week. However, now I average 3 shakes in my first three meals and the last two with solids and my fat loss is now about 4 pounds per week. You can use the low carb Met-Rx powders or most likely Advnced Protein (haven’t tried it yet). I cycle FF w/ mass cycles so I can cut faster.

End of Day 1 on FF…I pissed like a race horse today. Didn’t feel too many hunger pangs. Drinking a shake and 2 caps MD6 about 35min - 1hr before workout really helped with my focus and intensity. Today wasn’t that bad, I’ll be eating those words soon enough. Weight is 190 at 14% bf (i know I’m a fat ass, thats why im doing this!)

Ooops! Sorry I meant bodyweight x 5, not 50! That would be a lot of calories. Sorry, I sucked in math during high school.

Baines- When you cycle between the FF and mass cycles, about how long do you spend with each phase? I have been thinking of using the same plan, but I’m still trying to hammer out the details of duration, workout routines and diet specifics. Just curious how you handle it and what your results have been.

Begging of day 2…the shakes are horrible, I’m using 2 scoops EAS’s Sipmly protien, and th 1tbsp flax seed oil doesn’t help. A little trick I learned to suppress appetite is after the shake take 10 or so oz. of water with your MD6 and 10 or so oz. of water with your Multivitamin. After that, I take some Methoxy7 and wash it down with about 8 oz of water. After that I’m pretty damn full. Then between meals always have a water bottle and keep dirnking. Sure you’ll piss about 8 times a day, but it’ll keep the pangs down.-Watts-

Went through all the existing forum messages with no luck on this: Can Udo’s choice be substituted in the FF, rather than just Flaxseed Oil. I have access to both, but Udo’s tastes SO much better.

although I haven’t found confirming comments in t-mag, I logically suspect that yes, Udo’s can be used as well. In fact, it might even be good to add a litle extra-virgin olive oil, too, to supplement the monounsaturated fats that even flax oil is a bit thin on.

K-Dawg: I use a three-week/under two week cycle. I have a very slow metabolism so I gain fat pretty easily. I usually pick up six pounds of fat and 2 to 3 pounds of lbm in three weeks (with the help of high calories and supplments). Because I usually lose 3-4 pounds a week on FF, I usually cut for about two weeks or less. Incidentally, people, in the last two FF phases, I’ve been experimenting with mini-cycles with a four day on, one day off (moderate carb intake, no large pizzas) program. It’s working fine. I lose about 1+ pounds every two days (“on” days). However, I think newbies should forgo a mini-cycle and do it straight through (or just one cheat day once a week) to see how their bodies react to the diet. Results will vary. I only do mini-cycles because I’ve done FF so much that trying to do these two-week stretches straight through every so often is kind of hard.

i have found the fat fast easier with a Grow shake in the morning, then i don’t have any protein and flax until i am hungry again, which after 3 days in ketosis i can go quite a while. I also find it easier having a chicken ceasar salad at night to keep everything running smoothly and it gets rid of these ridiculous cravings for shit like circus peanuts and fiddle faddle (which during normal times i don’t like). THe hardest part is the psych game. After 8 days you start thinking that you are lean enough and it’s time to eat, my mind is playing cruel tricks on me

Well I lasted about 4 days at less than 30g carbs. Had an amazing water loss (9#). Did a little carb up (50g) to try and help out my workouts and blew the whole ketosis thing. I’ve turned Fat Fast into a low-carb MRP diet. I’m eating a normal meal once or twice a day but staying fairly low cal/high protein. Water weight gain is creeping back up slowly. If you live with someone this diet is pretty hard to sustain. Business lunches make this diet impossible. I think the best I’m going to manage is short runs of 3 days or so. Sucks. For some reason I had a significant increase in vascularity that is still evident. I popped out some new veins in my thighs, forearms, and calves. Pretty cool.

JAMES MOONEY-I find that having a little Yerba Mate tea does wonders for my digestive tract…I have yet been constipated!

This is the middle of day 3. My observations are as follows:
-My weight has gone down 6lbs (mostly water, despite the fact im drinking up to 2 gallons per day!)
-Vascularity has improved!
-Hunger pangs are slim (thank you MD6)
-Lines that aren’t there are begining to appear.
Others keep posting results and failures-Watts-

Well, the second day for me is going fine. I’m on my lunch break which is a joke. Eating takes about 1 minute, gives me time to sleep! Keep up with the encouragement, I need it, don’t cave in people we made a commitment and must keep it. 27 days left and counting.