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FFS Iron Dwang Change Your Avi


My wife had a look at my screen while I was browsing through GAL tonight. She happened upon your wiggly little avi there and thought that I was cruising some ghey porno interwebz forum.


^ He mad.


Ha! I had to do the same thing about half an hour ago...I was reading one of his posts in the thread about being a centenarian and my gf came over to the computer and I quickly scrolled up.


I hate it when I get caught cruising gay porn.

I mean...

not that I ever do, of course...




Hey OP, wait 'til you see my next avatar! You're gonna wish old wiggly dick was still here.



Totally homo "Iron Dwarf Flingy-Dingy Game".

It's like "His schlong loves you, his schlong loves you not"

  1. Get Iron Dwarf's oscillating shadow schlong in view.
  2. Hit the "Back" button on your browser.
  3. Before the page refreshes, the avatar will freeze for a moment.
  4. His shadow schlong either love you long time, or not.



Steely has some fre time. Obviously.


Dwarf loves me 2 out of 3 times. But, why not 3/3? You don't think I'm as pretty as you used to? (sad face)


kinda sucks looking at the forums at school for this reason. I wish the avis were a little more tame...but, oh well


So a jiggly SHADOW of a dick is too much?

Well, if I had 38C boobs to shake, I'd do that instead.


Iron Tranny Dwarf?



Dude, you're on a roll!

Actually, when are you NOT?


I don't understand the controversy. I thought that ID was standing next to his faithful hound with his tail wagging happily in silhouette.


I have found a solution to this wiggly dick problem. It is a Firefox add-on named "My Image Here" https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/my-image-here/

So now on my browser in place of ol' wiggly I see jiggly tits.


Much better.


I'm replacing all your avatars with that. ^



Wait.... tits? Okay!


I did the Steely D thing and got "loves me". I'm not doing best 2 of 3 or anything. I can't stand rejection.


OMG I saw this post... and 3 hours later I managed to avert my stare (only because I finally fell out of my chair).