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FFB Thinks He Needs to Keep Losing

Alright guys, I have a friend who I just showed this site to and I’m tring to think about what articles he needs to read immediately.

He used to be a fat kid in highschool, but he played football so he has always been athletic. He then started wrestling his senior and/or junior year and lost a ton of weight by basically skipping meals and running. He went from 240 to like 160 or less.

He put up some kick ass numbers though. A 455 squat and a 335 bench even after losing weight.

So now in college he weighs around 175. He works out but is trying to learn more about nutrition.

He skips breakfast, and doesn’t eat enough so massive eating all the way for him. He still thinks he is fat. That’s the main problem.

What are some good basic nutritional articles for a ffb whos new to game trying to figure out the basics?

Hey thanks a lot for any and all resposes.

Man, I had the same problem. I am about to finish college, and Junior year of high school i was 224. THen i just stopped eating my senior year and was 180. Came to college and have slowly been putting on weight (healthy weight) and bulked to 214 and am down to 200 even as of today. I’d say reading Berardi’s 7 tips and possibly Food that Makes you look good Naked. Almost any nutrition article by Berardi is a keeper, and Lonnie Lowry has some real good articles too. Really depends what he wants to do, if he wants to gain mass, than i’d say Massive Eating Reloaded I and II.

Does he want to go back down again? More info sir!

Ask and ye’ shall RECEIVE.
Here are a few of the Nutrition Articles.

7 Habit

Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid
The Carbohydrate Roundtable, Part 1&2

Fat Roundtable I&II

Massive Eating

T Dawg 2

Anything else by Dr.'s LL and JB also

Hope these help,
Phill (FFB)

Not necessarily an article but you might get him to start reading Shugart’s articles and posts. He is always talking about his FFB status and I think, being one myself, that it’s always good to be able to identify with someone like that. Especially here where it you can sometimes get discouraged or intimidated a bit by all the information.