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FFB Question

Whats up T-Vixens and T-Dudes.I just wanted your opinon on the subject of FFB and if I qualify.When I started high school in 91,I was 5-3 and around 95lbs and by the time I graduated,I was 6-1 and around 165 to 170.I played baseball,but rarely lifted weights.I stayed skinny until I was about 24,then I gained about 30 pound of pure fat.At first,I was happy,yeah I was downright fat,but I had been skinny my whole life.Then when I stopped getting pussy,I realized the fat had to go.So I was at Waldenbooks and saw A Flat Stomach ASAP and followed that for 2 months and got back down to 165.(For those who don’t know Dr.Darden,he’s a proponet of low-fat,high carb lifestyle)Anyways,I had no muscle,so I lost mainly fat.I’m 29 now,and I’ve built a good amount of mucsle since discovering this website 4 years ago,but I have a hard time keeping the fat off since I gained it 5 years ago.I’ll lose it,then if I eat carelessly,it’ll all come back in just a few weeks.I know what to do to get rid of it,but my question is,Am I a FFB,since I only got fat in my mid-20’s,or is it just age and a slower metabolism catching up with me.Oh yeah,I lost 30 pounds of fat last summer,moved to Vegas this fall,and gained about 20 pounds back already from cheap buffets,fast women,and free booze everywhere.

… yea you sound like a FFB to me

So you were 6’1" 170 and fit. Then got FAT at 6’1" 200lbs???

No you got HEALTHY

Hell 200 in light for 6’1" you are NO FFB maybe lazy and soft but not obese.

nail a diet get under the iron and put on some muscle.

thats My opinion,

Oh and this coming from an FFB 6’ 300lbs.

Oh the the reason that 20-30 lbs comes back so quick. its called eating and your body doing everything it can to store energy for the next Fast you force on it.

Hey buddy,30 pounds of pure fat in 6 months is not healthy.I didn’t go from 170 to 200 by working out,I gained it from eating mikky D’s and drinking.And I had no muscle what so ever back then.I do weigh 215 now,and I was totally cut last summer at 187 after following the V-Diet.But congrats on your weight loss,how much did you lose.

Oh yeah Phil,I said that was 5 years ago,I lost the fat and gained about 20 lbs in mucsle (mainly with the help of this site and MAG-10)I’m just saying that now,if I get careless,I pack on the fat like crazy.And also,its not about the weight,it’s about the BF%.

LOL. No prob man I am just saying be it ALL fat 200lbs on 6’+ body is not fat. Out of shape soft etc but in no way Obese.

Keep workin hard man Find what works best for you. Mainly I find clean diet with all the macros and paying some attntion to timing is best.

How much did I lose. 300 down to in the end 175 lost a LOT of LBM in the last 40. Now sitting at about 20 and slowly gaining.

Good job Phill,I also find eatin all 3 micro works better for me also.As long as my carbs aren’t starchy or sugary(except post work-out)and are vegetables and most fruits,I lose the weight pretty easy.But I gain it back easily also.