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FFB Diet Macro


sup fellas, well im a FFb and lookin to but on some much needed weight, what kind of marcos do ffb's out there use. I know it needs to be a clean bulk just lookin for a bit of help planin out my bulk thanks


"clean bulk" is always a little confusing.

Does that mean you will be doing extra cardio or does it mean eating less trans fats or what exactly??


The way i take it is, its not your basic mass diet where anything is fair game pizza, ice cream etc... on a clean bulk all food choices have to be clean foods IE chicken lean meats, tuna ,brown rice, sweet potato, even carbs have to be Early in the day and only after workout. I do believe that in the handbook it says to keep doing cardio.


your diet or training?

also - stats?


ha, i had edited yesterday but it didn't come up. As of right now I'm still on the cutting side of my diet, I'm currently doing the Anabolic diet ( 24 weeks) and fixing to up my cals to find my maintenance levels,
current cals 1400-1600 Carb less than 30g perday (1 day carbup)
mon-legs squat,leg ext,leg curl, calf raise
tues cardio (1hr)mma
weds Chest/shoulder bench press,m-press, arnold press, and tri kick backs
thus cardio (1hr)
fri-back/bis lat pull- seated row, pull-up, bi curl- hammer curls
sat cardio 1hr
sun off ( carbup)


How old are you?


If you're using the AD, your macros are pretty much already set for you. Just go easy on the carb-up day (keep it at one meal, on the weekend, and add carb meals if you find you aren't gaining an unacceptable amount of fat).

By the way, tricep kickbacks? I know this thread isn't about your routine, but you should probably switch those out for decline tricep extensions or dips. Just a suggestion.


Something from thibs:

I commented several times on the diet in the past. The main problems with the
''original'' anabolic diet, from my experience, are:
1. The carb-up is too long and not controlled enough. The human muscles can
normally store up to 500g of glycogen, maybe 600g if you are a really big guy. It
MIGHT be possible to surcompensate the glycogen stores by using a carb
deplete/loading strategy (like the AD), but even in that case we can't stuff much more
than 600-700g of carbs in our muscles.
Many people will go hog wild on the weekend carb-up and consume 750-1500g of
carbs PER DAY! This is... oh ... about 800-2300g more than your body can store as
glycogen and that will undoubtably be stored as fat.
And that is IF your glycogen stores are completely depleted, which they never are...
so the excess is likely even greater.
You need around 300-400g of carbs MAX to replenish muscle glycogen in that
situation, anything more than that increases the risk of ''spilling over'' and storing
those carbs as fat. I have seen many people screw up their progress by going wild on
the weekend and negating any fat loss they accomplished during the week.
For most people a 2 days carb-up is excessive and will make the diet less effective.
Only those who are very lean can carb-up for two days.

Just with regards to structuring AD.


Im 28, good suggestion, I'm just limited to what i have to work out with, but i just finished dips for like 6 weeks and needed to switch it up. i usually try to switch my routine every 6-8 weeks. I have to different workout, due to my job, when I'm home i have access to a gym to do a complete type work outs, but when i go out to the field I'm kinda limited to prison style work outs. but i get my weights in regardless.

As far as AD is concerned for a cut diet its great, but Ive heard mixed reviews bout the bulk side of it, so i was curious how ffb bulk over here, not necessarily gunna do a AD bulk, just looking for good options


Read this;



Dude thats a great article thanks for the input