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FFB Bulk

Ok, a little background (I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible). Throughout most of high school I was skinny. My junior year I was about 6’1" 180, but my senior year I decided I would start taking lifting serious because I wanted to play college football. Not being the fastest guy, I had to get much bigger. By the end of my senior year I was up to 235 or so. By the end of four years of college football, I was about 285 and looked like a defensive lineman (athletic but chubby).

After football was over, I cut all the way down to 205. I’m now sitting at about 215 and about 8-10% body fat. I’m spending the summer cutting down just to see how low I can get. If you’ve never been chubby, you’ll never know how satisfying it can be start seeing veins in places you used to have rolls.

Anyways, next fall (assuming I’m satisfied with this cut) I’m going to be hitting my first real bulk since losing all that weight. I’ve got a couple questions. When I bulk, should I be taking the approach of a FFB? I mean, I gained all the weight initially in the first place. What exactly is my body type? Should I be cautious and conservative about my bulk or just go for it? Am I a FFB? Are there any hints or strategies any FFB’s could suggest? Anyone had particular luck with a specific training program? I’m a Waterbury kind of guy myself, but I do split training from time to time to mix it up.

Here comes another 200 reply debate.

Can we just get rid of FFB forever?

You were chubby because you ate a ton of food for football (and probably not the best choices being in college).

Fine by me. What I’m really most interested in is advice concerning my upcoming bulk. Clearly a person that’s never been over 160 pounds in their life is going to bulk differently than someone who used to be chubby and is now trying to get back up there at a healthier body fat percentage. What I’m asking is where do I fall?

Are you closer to 160 lbs or a FFB? that there is the answer you seek :smiley:

Being a FFB myself, I’m very cautious when I bulk. Eat too much and I get fat, eat to little and I get nowhere. My problem was getting too many carbs in, 500+grams per day, I have to cycle them. When I bulk I get in 300-400grams, still high in comparision to my normal intake, on my low carb days and 500-600 on my high carb days. This is what I do and I manage to gain a decent amount of lean mass with minimal fat gain. I also add 3 cardio sessions per week at 30min. per.

Thanks. Even 300 grams of carbs seems like a ton considering I’m under 50 most days right now.