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Fewer Side Effects: Dbol or Test?


which will have less side effects? Dbol or test?


Care to give us dosages you have in mind?


For me, 40mg of Dbol is a lot worse than 500mg of test as far as sides go. My skin actually looks better on test imo, Dbol my back looks terrible.


More bang for your buck with test while dbol might not always stick around based on your gains. Sloppy gains especially for youtrack and running I see you posted awhile ago about anavar


I had to drop Dbol from my current cycle because it was completely killing my appetite. That can be a pretty bad side when you are trying to gain mass, I'd stick with test for that reason alone.



as far as gains go, dbol may cause more water retention but the gains arent less likely to stick around... that depends on PCT


would be doing 25mg of dbol or 500 mg of test.


Do both.



Actually they are less likely based on the water retention..when you discontinue use there is a higher possibility for you to lose that bloat and water retention while test or other injectables usually produce leaner gains..orals like anavar also have a better chance to stick around even with a great pct..why do you think dbol only cycles aren't recommended? Not good for your body number one and gains are likely to be lost..not everytime but it is much more of the norm to lose most of your gains on a dbol only


You cant say "gains" will be lost as you are implying muscle AND water will be lost. With a good PCT you should keep the muscle you gained off a Dbol cycle, but likely lose the water.


Yes that's what I'm trying to say..if you gain 15 pounds off of dbol most likely half I would say is water but correct me if I'm wrong..so your comin out of that maybe 5 pounds heavier? Not worth it in my mind..not good for the body and in the long run doesn't have the most for benefit of muscle and size gain


^^^so how is that any different from what i said?

i said dbol will cause more water retention, but i dont consider water weight being "gains"


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How much you gain depends on your diet and training. How is it bad for your body? I dont get your point. You get water retention from test, deca, anadrol, so these are all bad for your body then. I see what you mean though regarding the "dirty" gains off of Dbol which are mainly water, yes there are better steroids for solid lean muscle gains.