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Fewer Bowl Movements: Diet Review


First time poster, long time reader. I normally get what I need by reading and searching but seem to be coming up short here, especially since poop, shit and bowl movements can be difficult to search for.

Since I've started working out and sticking to a stricter diet I've noticed a reduction in bowl movements. I used to have a hefty movement once a day about 9AM. Now I'm having a weaker movement at 9AM and an even weaker one about 3PM. My hefty movement was solid and rather substantial, the currents ones are still solid but come out a lot easier (not that I'm complaining!). It seems like the quantity passed has reduced, even though I have 2 movements a day now and I'm looking for advice. If it seems fine, cool, I'll keep doing what I'm doing, but if I'm off base with my diet, please let me know. I'm rather carb intolerant, so I've tried to increase my fats and protein to compensate. I think I've made a pretty good compromise between my macros. I do not feel constipated.

Current Stats:
20% bf by last caliper test (2 weeks ago)
28 y/o

Quick History:
I started training 5 years ago, went from 160 to 180 lbs with lots of lean mass. Got a desk job, stopped working out, got fat. I was 216 lbs 8 months ago. I cleaned up my eating, started studying nutrition and started lifting again. I wasn't very motivated and had little direction, spent time running since people who run are skinny right? I lifted but not at the intensity that I used to.

In any regard, a few weeks ago, I got a calculated diet down and a good workout routine going. I'm still playing with and adjusting the diet to meet energy requirements but for the most part it's working well. I've always recovered fast from heavy lifting and am currently doing a 5 day split, with 1 day of solid core, and low intensity walking for an hour after each session.

I'm stuck between wanting to slim down and bulk. Since I'm not really sure what my maintenance level should be at I'm experimenting with my diet, walking and lifting heavy so I can figure that out. So, for now, it's lift heavy and eat at my current macro break-down and see if I get stronger/weaker or fatter/slimmer.

6:30AM - wake up, down a quick protein shake, either Optimal Nutrition or Bioplex Pure WPI, 240 cal, 2 fat, 6 carb, 48g protein
7:20AM - 3 eggs, 1 slice multi-grain toast. 400 cal, 22.5 fat, 28.2 carb, 23 protein
9:30AM - Beef Jerky, 80 cal, 1 fat, 6 carb, 13 protein
12:00PM - Beef/Chicken/Fish (rotate) and 1/2 bag of California Blend veggies, 483 cal, 14 fat, 10 carb, 74 protein
3:00PM - Beef Jerky and String Cheese, 140 cal, 3.5 fat, 6 carb, 21 protein
5:30PM - Pre WO, string cheese, 1 apple, 1 scoop protein power, 275 cal, 3.8 fat, 28 carb, 32 protein
6:30PM - Post WO, 2 scoop protein w/Creatine, 240 cal, 2 fat, 6 carb, 48 protein
8:00PM - Beef/Chicken/Fish (rotate) and 1/2 bag of California Blend veggies, 302 cal, 7 fat, 10 carb, 47 protein
10:00PM - 2 tbs Natural Peanut Butter, 1 c milk, 1 c cottage cheese, 550 cal, 31 fat, 29 carbs, 39 protein

Macro Breakdown

FATS: 87
Sat-Fats: 31
Carbs: 129
Fiber: 19
Protein: 345

You may notice that lunch and dinner are the same meals with different macros, because I rotate beef/chicken/fish I put the largest and the smallest on each column so it would approximately equal out.

Also, I drink about 3 cups of black coffee in the morning and move onto water the rest of the day. About 12 16oz glasses a day, since each glass probably only gets filled to about the 12oz mark, say 144oz of water, not including the water I use for shakes.

While I didn't keep track of my previous eating habits, I was getting about 1700 calories and 200 grams of carb, unsure about the rest.

Protein as noted.
Creatine as noted.
Glucosamine-Conjointin - started rock climing last summer, helps with sore joints
Fish Tablets, 3g daily

Supplements I'm adding as of today:
BCAA's, currently getting about 20-25 from Protein drinks, looking to bump to 40 total


Eat a cup of veggie with each meal, throw some lemon juice, coffee, and hot sauce in there, and let me know how everything comes out :slight_smile:


With a vengeance by the sound of it.


less food less bowel movements. I get my fibre and fat and I have 1 bowel movement every 3 days or so. Your bowel evacuations slow down as a famine response (which is not to say that you're in "starvation mode" or anything like that).


That's the thing, I'm eating MORE now then I was before.


Add psyllium husk powder to your shakes, you should be regular within a week or 2.


I dont understand your question. Do you want to shit more often or less?


If this true, there is a problem.


I want to shit as often as I need to to be healthy. What I'm confused about is now that I'm eating more, I'm shitting less. Is it possible that I'm just eating better and my body is using more of the substance?

We monitor the food going in, the fat accumulation and muscle growth, seems reasonable to also keep tabs on the shit coming out too. I may just be too paranoid, I've never done such a strict diet.


I'm a little low on fiber (~19g) so I'm taking some flax-seed in now, 5g twice a day. We'll see how that ends up coming out.




we all love a good poop, :wink: there's no better way to start a day off right, :). i experienced something similar to this as well. its likely due to a combination of increased protein intake and reduced fiber. when i was trying to gain weight, i replaced some of the fiber with high calorie foods. in my opinion i'm not so sure that the body was designed to be taking in thousands and thousands of calories a day...this absolutely slowed me down.

what worked for me was adding beans/lentils. you get calories and protein and fiber. now i'm back to pooping a lot better.