Few Weeks of Bodybuilding

So now that the xmas season is at hand, I want to focus more on work (aiming for a raise), and am kind of getting beat and discouraged by sheiko cycles. I have ran #29 and have one week of #37 left.

I feel much stronger but the 2 - 2.5 hour workouts and eating and needing 10+ hours sleep a night are getting to me, feel like I got hit by a truck.

I’ve decided to pick up strength training after new years when i have a lifting belt.

In the meantime, I want to have some fun and bodybuild for a while.

5’9 195lbs 10-12% BF
arms 16" cold
thighs 27" cold
waist 33"ish

bench 250
squat 335 (maybe around 345 now) ATG
deadlift 415 (maybe 425 now)

my shoulders are my weakpoint for sure, so i want to focus on overhead pressing strength, while getting some size in my biceps (arm is all tricep), upper chest, and lats (need width)

this is the program I have made up for myself


A: Military Press: Work up to heavy set of 3-5 (progress)
DB Benchpress : 4x5-8
DB Curls : 3x5-8
Reverse Curls : 3x10-12

B: Weighted Chins: Work up to heavy set of 3-5 (progress)
T-Bar Row : 4x5-8
Pulldowns/Row : 4x8-12
Rotator Work : 4-6 sets various stuff

C: Incline Bench : Work up to heavy set of 3-5 (progress)
DB Shoulders : 4x5-8
Hammer Curls : 4x8-10
Chest/dips? : ???

D: Front Squats : 5x6-8
SLDL : 3x10-15
Leg Curls : 3x5-18 (want to work on leg flexion a bit
Calves : Rape Them

I know it has a great deal of curling and overhead pressing, but If thats the only thing im hammering i should make progress on it. My arms as it is are mostly tricep and rear delt. I would be lucky if i can overhead press 135lbs, and i feel that is whats holding back my bench. For legs, i figured the front squat bring more core into it, and my calves need to be balanced with my thighs.

Im hoping to also hit 200lbs on 4-6 weeks of this.

suggestions? flame me?