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Few ?'s Regarding Power Drive.

I finally decided to give Power Drive a try since I have heard such good feed back on it. I however do have a couple questions before I start taking it though.

  1. How long should you wait to eat after taking it?

  2. Do you have to take it every day? Or can I just take it on my workout days?


Hey Great choice on the Power Drive. You’ll like it.

First, no you dont have to take it daily. I do now, but just use it when you need a good boost and focus.

As far as how long before eating. I take mine 45mins before I train. If not taking before training I try and give it 1/2-1 hr before a meal, and around 2 hrs after my last meal.

Just a little tip. If you are a green tea drinker, I mix mine in my tea for a added little boost.

hope this helps


Cool, thanks Phil! :slight_smile:

I only use it on lifting days 30 minutes before workout on an empty stomach…I do 1 scoop SURGE during workout, 1 scoop SURGE immediately after workout, whole food meal 1 hour after workout