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Few Quick Anavar Questions


hey dudes i suck with computers and couldnt find the info that i was looking for but here we go

basically i had a gnarly groin pull that fucked my leg up so as of now out of desperation i used anavar to strengthen the injury (docs said it was life time and the limp would stick... they were wrong) first time 80mg/d for 10 weeks... this time 50mg... prob was last time for about 4 months after i had a hardtime finishing with girls (if you know what i mean) so wanting to prevent this this time i have nova but not sure how much to take, when to take or how long to take... i've read so much conflicting info..

second question... how long after coming off of anavar should i wait to do a test-e 500mg cycle

sorry if any of this is repetition


My favorite part of your post had to be the "strengthen the injury" line. Kuh-lassic.


Toby, nice avi- who?


honsetly dude i don't really care what anyone says, not here for a fight or to justify my reasoning... anavar is as far as i'll go and won't be doing it again... i just wanna know what i should be taking for pct cuz last time was pretty rough


what do you think you should do for pct? based on the research youve done