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Few Questions


First post, and ill cut straight to the chase. I have done a "fair" amount of reading/research, still more to do.

My first Bulking cycle.

300mg Test E [Iranian] Weekly, split into half 2 inj a week. For 6-8 weeks.
200mg Deca, for 4 weeks, frontloading both deca and test

2 questions off the bat. I work out on Mon and tuesday. wednesday is a rest day. Then i work out on thursday and friday, rest on sat and sunday.

Question is : [b][u]1. Is it ok if i take the test on monday and thursdays? I plan on frontloading, if that is of any relevance [doubling dosage the first week].

  1. When would be the best time to take it? An hour before workout? 2 hours before workout?

Ok. Im 23 and ive been taking Dutasteride/Avodart, and rogaine for a few months. This i thought might be important for drug interactions with any of the following.

*I have Mesterolone (Proviron) available. I dont know whether i should take it or not, or more importantly if i CAN take it or not. As in if i had to choose between proviron or duta for hair, i would go with the hair. Yes i am aware test e rapes your hairline.
so.. Can i use proviron with avodart? Should i?

I also plan on taking HCG [IVF-C, the one by Samsung] 250IU x twice weekly during the cycle. I do like having full sized testicles. Any problems here?

Ok. During cycle, I'd like to take 0.25/0.5mg of Letro ED, but i havent found any yet. No i cant shop online, however there is still hope. Worse case scenario, what would be good to take during cycle AI wise? If i cant get letro or arimidex Havent found arimidex yet either, still looking, but i have nolva and clomid for pct.

I really want letro before i start. im probably not going to start till i get it, or something else good. Because even tho a few have said my doses are too low /short for gyne, i want to be prepared just in case.

As for PCT:
Nolvadex 20mg/day for 4 weeks
Clomid 50mg/day starting 3 weeks, both starting after suitable clearance.

Ok, done. Feel free to insult me, but please at least point me in the right direction afterwards.

Thanks a lot in advance, I really do appreciate this forum.

And if you think i have missed anything, feel free to add in. I also plan on taking proper pics/measurements before, during and after.
What other AI should i take if i cant get letro or arimidex?
What should i use incase of gyne if i cant get letro or arimidex?


First off, 6 weeks is really short to see gains and keep thsm, but others may not think so. Pinning 2X/week is fine as the 1/2 life of test E is about 6 days or so. Doesn't matter when you pin WRT your workout due to this. Your levels should be fairly constant throughout the week. Letro is really strong, and can kill estrogen completely, which is not desireable. Try to get adex if possible. Try googling "research chemicals". No need for both Nolva and Clomid PCT.

  1. Whats WRT stand for? yes im a noob
  2. When should i take HCG, a day before i pin?
  3. I cant buy online, and i live in asia. What other AI do you recommend during cycle? [cant find adex or letro)
  4. I have got some Proviron from a friend. Should I use it?


6-8 weeks isn't going to be optimal with long esters like you are using, unless you can kickstart it with test prop or something.. then 8 weeks would be ok. I think most people here would recommend staying on for at least 10 weeks and many go 12 weeks with long esters.

Also, since its your first cycle and your receptors will never react this well to synthetic hormones again, Its worth considering raising the doses. Bill Roberts said that 500mg of test is conservative for a beginner and a 1 gram a week isn't completely unreasonable. I'd probably go with 500mg test and 400mg of deca a week for 10 weeks and you'll get much better gains.

like pcdude said letro is very strong and your better off with .5mg of arimidex EOD

you are much better off with an AI but if you absolutely cannot get one you could use nolva at like 10mg a day to protect from gyno and keep the bloat down.. proviron also acts as an AI so if you are not susceptible to estrogen sides that and the nolva might be enough... dont quote me on that..


WRT = with respect to.
HCG should not be necessary for that short of a cycle - probably a waste.
I agree that you should lengthen your cycle and/or increase the test to 500 mg/wk.
For your first cycle, why not just do test only? Save the stacks for later after you know how you react to just test.
Proviron is probably better than nothing for estrogen control, but should not be used during PCT.
Do more research.


Hmmm yeah ok, ill increase it to 8-10 weeks. I didnt have access to test prop, and i know test e tastes "4" weeks to kick in, so i thought instead of test prop, id go with deca for the first 4 weeks. increasing test to 10 weeks isnt really an issue, other than i do want to be on top of any gyne/sack shrinkage. Honestly the hardest part about this entire thing for me will be eatting enough calories. lol. but ive taken care of that. I just need to get my hands on arimidex