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Few Questions Regarding TRT

1st and foremost some stats
3 sport athlete from youth through collegiate years
Always had luck with women
Currently married to a woman 14 years younger.
Always loved lifting and got into cycling maybe…15 years ago.

Did a few cycles with successful PCTs

Then just…kind of stayed on

Although not mind blowing cycles bit a little here…a little there…mostly to maintain physique and youthfulness.

As of late…I’m always exhausted

Like…beyond tired
Beena year like this…or so
Always foggy headed.

I’m sure my nuts are nuked for life so I’m here to ask about TRT.

I don’t currently have bloods but I don’t mind logging for others who have clearly fucked themselves good.

I’ve read alot on here and there are different protocols guys are using…various esters, various pinning frequencies and I’ve also played around with steroid plotter.

My goals are this…

  1. Energy
  2. Clear headedness (so sick and tired of feeling like I’m in a cloud and unemotional…numb)
  3. Cock back on demand

So…I see so many in here struggling.

I’m there too but before I jump into a specific pinning frequencyor amount I’d like to ask this…

Why aren’t people using say…prop 15mgs a day for a month ED and going from there?

Seems a shorter acting ester would be easier to make adjustments rather than waiting for longer esters to clear…

Again my head has been in a cloud for months so if this has already been covered…my apologies

It’s all about genetics, some guys can abuse steroids and always return to a natural state without any hiccups, others not so much.

Yes, men with no issues don’t seek forums for support, so you will mostly find people with problems here seeking answers.

I think part of it is not many want to start out of daily injections, they want to keep it simple and don’t know many who are willing to inject daily when they feel perfectly fine on 1-2 weekly.

As far as using test prop, in my experience here on these TRT boards not many tolerate test prop well. Maybe my interpretation is only those who have tried it and reported back, again people come here who are having problems so it’s difficult to get an accurate consensus.

Speaking for myself, I have no choice but to inject at least every other day as my hormones swing wildly on day 3 after an injection and treatment becomes ineffective as a result. I would be injecting daily (feel better), but I develop very dry skin on a daily protocol and may recently have found out why.

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At 46, I would get labs first to get a baseline, and then get on TRT. Regardless of numbers, you’re going to want raise them to get symptom resolution, and get on 2.5mg cialis/daily. At 46 you’re in decline and if you wait til 49, when you have even less natural T, the road back is going to be longer. So get your labs and seek a local TRT doc that will give you the fountain of youth, so that can keep laying pipe. The benefits will be there. Im 46 too. Been on TRT for over a year, went from half a man to the best version of me. But start with labs first. TRT has not been a struggle for me, with no AI, and I cycle HCG. You will not be seeing threads like “I feel great motherfuckers!” Although I tried. Like I said… get your labs up and talk to a proper TRT clinic, take Testosterone only just to get the feel of being on the juice. You can add HCG later and never touch an AI. Dont worry about Estrogen. Please dont.


I really appreciate your quick reply

I’ve used all the esters except nibido?
You know the one…

Everyone has different experiences and from what I’ve gathered over the years…for me personally…is I always feel more energetic on prop and ED shots. Once I got the cyps and Es…granted at 500mgs or more I get sluggish…same dose on prop I feel better.

Could it be mental? Not sure but I do enjoy the long esters and less oil per shot…and the ED 1mL shot of prop gets extremely old by week 2…

Currently I’m using cyp 250…1.5mLs every 4 days plus 1mL tren E 200 every 4 days…and 50 mgs winny Ed…week 4 now.

I’m here to try to come out with some knowledge to transition Into a trt that might get me close to ballpark healthy, happy, sexual feeling once I come off.

Covid and a nasty shoulder Injury kept me away from the weights for a good 6 months but it’s all coming back together…minus all the negatives…

I’ve got cyp and prop on hand and u100s…ED shots of 10mgs doesn’t scare me on the least.

I’ve seen some guys in here doing cyp ED to control cortisol or shbg…forgive me for not recalling exactly.

Seems if you hate the dose using prop you could make adjustments more readily and once truly dialed in…could switch to the same dose of say cyp or e and do eod or 2x a week.

People seem to be scrambling for “that feeling” healthy…but cyp and e take forever to clear and adjust…

Hence why I’m asking about prop Ed…low dose…find the right MG and switch to cyp after that

Now you have me wondering if I would feel better on prop… Mmm

Yes it does, coming up on 3 months on this protocol and things are still changing every so often and I remember the daily protocol had me adjust way more quickly. Once I got out of the first week, things just got better and better, well except for my skin.

Im on 220mg/wk of Test C/ daily shots. I feel great motherducker

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I’m certainly not here to sway others to abandon their personal quests/protocols and let’s call it what it is…pursuit of each person’s holy grail.

If cyp and e take an eon to clear…prop clears pretty fast…why not run prop at that doseage…eod…for a month…adjust accordingly…since it’ll clear faster…

I’m only here trying to see pros vs cons

If you’re good to go…please don’t let me get on your head…

I’m thinking of maybe doing 180mgs a week of prop at the conclusion of current cycle…Ed shots…

Trickle it down from there…month by month…since it clears fast I could either go slightly up or down and keep a log.

Once I find my “close enough” or “good enough for now” and feel good…

Go pull bloods.

If it’s decent…switch over to say cyp eod or e3d at the same doseage and see if for me…it’s an ester thing or doseage thing

I’m guessing IM?
Tried the subQ myself and after 2 weeks I said never again unless it’s low dose hgh

220 cyp…Ed…(.16 daily)

Honest answer? You’re 46 and still using tren, so my assumption is that long term health is not a huge priority. You’re willing to take some chances in order to get what you want. If that’s the case then join me on the MENT train and feel better than you ever have before. And the good news is you’ll still get the thrill of pinning ED since the only ester you’ll find is acetate. MENT 1-2.5mg/d plus prop at perhaps 10mg/d and you’ll be better than you’ve been in years.

Lol…it’s like you’re…in my head.

I wish long term health was a bigger priority for me…not a sob story but…I’m kind of alone…minus my awesome wife whose already taken case of my untimely demise…

I don’t try to abuse things and running tren at 200mgs isn’t too scary on my scare factor…

Ment huh?

Thanks for posting potential doseages too rather than me having to bug you…

I’ll screenshot it and do some homework.

Much appreciated.

I ran a prop/tren a/ winny cycle maybe 6 years ago and never felt better…people gravitated towards me (not being cocky) I had a glow or air…walked taller…jacked…confident…dick had to be tucked in my sock it was getting so much useage…and since…it’s been like a crackhead chasing that feeling… unfortunately it seems to be unattainable…I’m exhausted and not myself anymore

Hence the reason to try to find a great TRT doseage that’ll at least make me feel happy and normal again…

No. 31.5mgs a day equates to about 220mg/wk.

Find my log of my MENT experiment that I’ve got running here. It may be useful.

Edit: here it is. Hasn’t been updated in a few weeks because I’m waiting for blood work results which I should have next week.

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