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Few questions on T-Dawg Diet


I just started the t-dawg diet along w/ meltdown training I and was wondering how many of you do 2days low Kcal followed by 1 high Kcal day like Alessi recommends? Also how many of you actually consume 0.6-0.8 gr. of protein w/ the rest being fat. I weigh 170 and consume at least 170-200 gr. a day w/ the rest coming from fat, keeping carbs at 100gr. or less. Last question, would taking only one scp. of SURGE before and during my workout and 1-2 scp. of Low carb Grow! w/ 20gr. of glutamine after training work well, or would I not get the full benefits of SURGE. I thought that cutting the amount of sugar would aid in faster bodyfat loss. Thanks T-Men!


Is this a bump!! Come on fellow T-Men, help me out here!


I'm not an expert on t-dawg diet since I never tried it, but I think most people will tell you to drink Surge after your workout. There's a reason for the sugar in Surge (to help you recover faster and create positive protein synthesis). Read Berardi's articles on post workout nutrition formula for detailed scientific info, but basically you want surge after your workout unless you're doing fat fast or something. Also I believe Berardi said your body uses sugar differently if it was consumed right after your weight training session compared to if you were to eat sugar while watching Friends reruns.


Thank You very much Stella for your input. I appreciate it.


I think it doesn't really matter as long as you keep carbs at a 100gr. or less, but thats just my thought. What do you think Chris S.?