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Few Questions on SVR II


There are a few things that are not quite clear to me, regarding the SVR II template from the article "S.V.R. II and Water Torture" on your (Jim Wendler) website.

1) In contrast to the SVR template in your book, this template suggests 3x5 for all weeks. In week 3 it is even suggested that I do 5x95%TM. Calculating that back to a 1RM it would mean I should be able to lift way more then what I used to calculate the TM at the start of the cycle. 5x95%x90%x1RM>>1RM
This looks unrealistic. Is there a typo in that article?

75%x5, 85%x5, 95%x5, 100-105%xPR set, 3 sets of 3-5 reps @ 85%

Should that read: "75%x5, 85%x3, 95%x1, 100-105%xPR, 3 sets of 3-5 reps @ 85%"?
Also for week one it states 3x5. That is very doable, but keeping the original in mind it seems that also should be 3x3.
Am I correct?

2) Do I take deload weeks after each 3rd week or after week 6, like with the regular 531 program? (with an increase of TM after week 3)


1) I don't believe there are any typos. Re-reading the article would likely clear most of this up.

Regarding week 3 from the article - "We eliminated the singles on this day due to the ineffectiveness I’ve seen in all the athletes I trained.While going for a 1RM is fun and I have no problem with some people doing them occasionally, the big picture must be taken into account. This day is a great time to blow away some rep records and if weeks 1 and 2 are properly programmed, we invariably hit a big PR on this day. The key is being smart on week one and week two. Remember that training is bigger than the day."

As far as you thinking week 2 should be a 3x3, the answer is no. It's written as a 3x5. You would be better served to adhere to the principles of the original program(book) rather than the sets/reps.

2) Deload after week 3 or week 6? It doesn't say in the article, so i would suggest referencing the original SVR from the book. My guess is going to be after week 6.


Regarding 1)
In the book, the singles come after the 95%. The 95% is still a 1+. Well, a 1+ could be seen as a single. But 5 reps is something different then 1 or more. I haven't tried it yet, but 5x95%TM looks like a real challenge.
Looking back at my rep-outs in the 5/3/1 weeks so far I usually get to 4 reps, sometimes 5 and once 6.

The original SVR template is set up as 3x3, 3x5, 531. I was asking about week one. Should it also be 3x3 in week one like SVR or is SVR II really set up as a 3x5 program for all weeks?

For now I'll follow the template from the article. It will be tough in week 3 but I'll have fun going for it. :slight_smile:
The 5x95% set is actually the only set in the 3 weeks I have some small doubts about.

Regarding 2)
Most temples in Beyond are set up as 7 week templates. I guess I'll go for the deload after week 6 then.
I'll see what the body feels like after week 3. For now I plan it as a 7 week program.


Adjust your TM at around 85% of your max (or just take your 5 rep max for TM) and progress from there.


Lowering the TM to 85% might actually be a very good strategy. Thanks.



That is all.


I use TM with all my calculations (90% of 1RM) for your programs.
I do understand that calculating a 1RM from a 5 rep set is no exact science. But as a guideline your formula has always worked quite well for estimating 1RM from a rep-out or predicting rep-out numbers from a previous 1RM attempt.
That's why I predict a small struggle with the 5*95%TM. Calculating it back from my recent rep-outs and current 1RM's it looks like a tough set.
Using TM as 85% 1RM instead of 90% 1RM might be a good idea.
Anyway, I will do the program as described in your article.


Then you will use 85% - do this template for 3 cycles. Do another template for 2 cycles. Then go 3 back on TM (reset) and then repeat: 5 forward/3 back.


Perfect. I will follow your advise. :slight_smile:
Would 3 cycles (is that 7 week cycles or 4 week cycles?) SVR II followed by 531+BBB (5*5) a good idea?

Thanks for leading me in the right direction.