Few Questions for Charles Staley

How’s it going Charles? How’s your personal training going?

  1. It’s not my intention to continue to ask you the same question over and over but I don’t think I’m fully understanding something .You stated that hill sprints burn fat and act as a “cardio” and I do them 2-3 times per week and love them.

However, I don’t get nearly as winded (out of breath) as doing say nonweighted GPP drills like: jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers in a circuit fashion which leads me to believe that the hill sprints aren’t as effective at burning fat and developing my “cardio” as the gpp sessions.

Can you please help me to understand that better? The way I do my hills sprints is: sprint uphill (very steep incline too) about 40 yards (75% intensity not an all out sprint) and then walk back down and repeat about 5 times. Should I be sprinting 100% all out?

  1. For someone who is so into strongman stuff (car pushing, farmer walks, tire flips, etc) why have you never tried or been interested in the sledgehammer training?

  2. How many days per week do you train? Do you have complete “off” days or just light intensity stuff some days and high intensity stuff on other days?

  3. How much of your training is instinctive and how much is planned?

  4. What other sports do you like besides throwing?