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Few Questions about Training in the Evening


Hey guys, 2 and a half weeks I started with the push/pull split, my first routine after the shoulder injury/rotator cuff part. tear/. I picked it because pre-injury I had great progress using very high frequency training, but it has too much volume and this one works on low volume principle which I found great and responded to it even better, it took me only 2 weeks and I ve got stretch marks on my arms which was always my weakest part, which is great and terrible at the same time tho. SO thanks a TON for this Christian.

But I am starting to have shoulder, wrist pain I guess because I am having problem with regen. Didnt have a good sleep much in the past 2 weeks like 5 hours average. I am usually going to train at 9-10 PM, having protein after training and dinner at 11PM, Hopefully sleeping by 1 AM and waking up a little bit after 7 AM. Because of the school and job I dont have much time to train any other time consistently than in the evening. I know this is far from ideal and I would like to change it. I ll have next 4 days without training to rest and prevent possible injury and further pain aand to plan out how I ll change this thing. I was thinking about few possibilities - going to gym 1 hour earlier so 8 PM to 9PM, having dinner before the training so I dont eat that close to sleep, having just a protein shake and some carbs after training and something like cottage_/Not sure if thats the food I mean, but I am not sure how to call it in english, maybe cottage cheese ?, its the same thing used in cheesecake./_ 2hours before sleep and going to sleep at midnight, which results at atleast 7hours of sleep.

Could that work ? Anyone got any ideas how could I assemble my routine when I train so late ? Is training so late even bad ? Not any big meal after training before bed is a problem ?

Thanks for any response and any advice, I know this wall of un-important text is hard to read, but thanks if you did. Sorry for my possible english grammar errors.