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Few Questions about Sheiko


I found a spreadsheet for all the sheiko programs somewhere on these threads a while ago and am going to start after I finish WSFSB.

Which one should I do? I was going to just start with 29 and go through them in order but after reading through the sheiko threads here, I'm not sure anymore.

What about back work? I notice a lack of work for the upper back. Should I add rows or some other exercises? If so, how many sets and how many reps?


Why do you want to build your upper back?
Sheiko is designed to get your bench, squat, and deadlift strong. You do not need to add rows.


I have to disagree, i would add upper back and ab work to sheiko, you are doing all that pressing (3x a week), you will need to do some upper back work to balance it out.



IIRC, upper back work was considered GPP-type work by Shieko so youre supposed to do it, its just not written into the programs.


I have been doing Sheiko for two weeks with no back work. However, my upper back is very sore after deadlift day. I'm assuming from the high volume of rack pulls.

Furthermore after a vacation or something my back is sore from squats and bench. If you are going heavy and squeezing your shoulder blades together in each as hard as you can I can't imagine your lats not getting tired. But maybe that's just me.


I do one upper back exercise 3 days a week at the end of workouts. I rotate between a row, lat pull, and shrug. But I'm doing an incredibly bastardized version of sheiko.


I've been doing Sheiko 29 and have been concerned with the lack of pulling movements.

I've been supersetting with the flies, lunges, or goodmornings some upper back exercises like face pulls, rows or overhead band pull-aparts.


im looking to start sheiko #29 but am concerned with the fact that there is no over head pressing or rows. Based on what stronghold has said above should i look to add these in or just go 4 weeks with out?

also how tall of a box should i use for deadlifts off of boxes? Im only 5'8.


Could somone put a link on here for the full-well translated programme please.I want to read it as I have heard alot about it but have never seen the actual programme.Thanks



Try the first link that comes up.


When I did Sheiko I had 3 separate GPP/Active Recovery Days.

Day 1:
DB Shoulder Press
EZ Bar Curls
Standing Abs w/Bands
Bridging (glute activation)

Day 2:
T-Bar Rows
Band Pushdowns
Obliques on 45 Degree Hyper

Day 3:
Reverse Hypers
Lat Pulldowns
Nose Breakers
Abs over GHR

I usually did 3 sets of 10, supersetting two exercises at a time, and would mix and match the days depending on how I felt. I never took anything to failure, but as I got stronger, I gradually upped the weights.


I have done Sheiko 29, 37, and 5 week pre-contest. I would recommend sticking to just what is on paper your first time through, atleast on your workout days. I usually do a hardcore ab workout on Tues/Thurs. I dont know about you but when I was doing 29 I was in the gym between 1.5-2 hrs. You will get stronger if you follow sheiko and if you don't you could make the mistake I made. The first time thru I thought I was gonna be able to add several extra lifts and all I did was hurt my hip and shoulder joints.


i am still making gains doing the starr 5x5 but when the gains stop i will start sheiko #29 and use db presses and pullups with some ab work as gpp