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Few Q's on WS

I dont understand the repitition effort days? Help.

And Can I train it 4 days so I can do a repitition day for the lower body?

This is my split anyway…

Monday - Upper Body Max Effort.

Bench Press - 5x3-5 Ramping weight
Incline Dumbell press - 3x6-10
Pendlay rows - 4x5-10
Rear delt flyes 2 x 12-15
3 x weighted crunches.

Wednesday - Lower Body Max effort

Deadlift - 5x3-5 Ramping weight.
Heels together squat 3 x 8
Weighted hypers 3x8
The plank - 3x30 seconds

Friday - Upper repition day.

Bench press - I dont know what to do here. so I take it I use like 135-185lbs and see how many reps I can do for how many sets?
Pullups 4 x 8-12
Dumbell Press - 3x10
Skull Crushers - 4 x 5-10
Seated Alternate Curls - 3 x 6-10
Ab circuit training.

Monday - Lower Max effort day.

Wide stance squat 5 x3-5
Stiff Legged deadlifts - 3x8
Weighted Hypers - 3x8
The Plank - 3 x 30 seconds.

First 2 sets on all the 5 x 3-5 is warm up sets. I took this off the Starting Strength wiki.
So yeah, please answer my Q’s. And rate the routine and I changed it slightly but would appreciate any help please. Thanks, REALLY need to know how to utilize the repitition days, I dont understand them.