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few more weeks

I have to be brief, cause we’re having an open house today crosses fingers I’ll miss mass, but i’ll be back often lol.

Anyways, Things are great hear. Still eating good, trying to workout 3x week (since we’ve been moving I’ve been doing lots of 8-12 hour cleaning/painting/packing days and call that a workout on its own).
I think my diets a bit off, since i get incredibly hungry between meals now, but - I have an appetite!.. O my, where did that come from, it just hit me out of the blue… So, still working on the tweaking my way of eating, Which reminds me, i have to go shopping.

My pants (size censored) are now getting loose(these were super tight before), and i’ve lost afew inches total from my waist. The pants now fall when i walk… Its not cool (pulls up pants… again) but it is cool (looks in mirror). Im much stronger than when i started, and yet still weak - but I can do actual sets of real pushups again, so im whicked excited. This is quite painless compared to what I thought it would be, and incredibly easy way of life (i mean, it is work, but compared to fad dieting, or aerobics when you havent eaten more than 1 meal a day). My energy is just way better, everyones notices it. And everyone keeps saying “You’re so happy!”.

Im starting to eye the pants I havent fit in in afew months… I’ll be trying them on soon to see if they not fit, although wont be discouraged if they dont (they did go through some major shrinkage in the wash added onto the fact that i gained wieght). I can already imagine how much I’ll be spending on clothes as I get smaller, OUCH… Small price to pay for health & beauty I imagine.

Got to run, this post has taken to long as it is!
thanks all