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Few Meal Plan Questions


I have three quick questions, if anybody can give their input, it would be appreciated.

  1. Recently I have had work changes due to a new job. This means I can't workout in the afternoon anymore and the only time I can fit it in is in the morning right before I wake up. So my question is how I should incoporate my meals in the morning. Should I eat half a meal before my workout then half after? Or should I skip and just eat an entire meal after my workout.

  2. What's a good meal replacement that can be downed quickly? I'm trying to form a good meal that has around 600-700 calories, 40 g protein, and 40 g carbs. Would a milk protein shake and a protein bar be the best substitutde?


I use to do this but found that I got heaps better results and less injuries if I trained AFTER I woke up.

Just my $0.02


I hope you mean right AFTER you wake up. Working out while still asleep would probably wreak havoc on your motivation and competitive drive.

I would eat whatever you can stomach. A normal breakfast is fine if it doesn't bother you. Some people have iron stomachs. If not, a half meal would be fine. Oats and Metabolic Drive with a side of fruit?

If you're ingesting 600-700 calories you're probably going to want a little more protein and carbs in there or it's going to be like 380 calories from fat.

There are plenty of things you can do. A Berardi Super Shake (search for it) has protein, berries, greens powder, and nuts.

If you like the milk protein shake idea then you could do that with a couple tablespoons of olive or flax oil. Or a handful of nuts.

I'm not sure where you're preparing this or how quickly you have to down it, so I can't really get any more specific.


What's the 3rd question?