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Few Days Before Show...


A few days out of a show what do you guys add or change as far as diet, nutrient manipulation, water manipulation, training, supplements.. I plan on competeing in my first show in 7 weeks and am wondering how to approach the show a few days before.. Pro tan coats? Muscle juice? Some type of arginine product to give a nastier vascular look.. Anyone have any pre-contest tips?!


your 6'ft 205 and you plan on doing a show in 7 weeks?


Block out a couple of hours and take notes from Stu:



Dude if you were really to compete on a show you'd know that peaking aspects are the most individual on bodybuilding, so you can get like 100 different answers of guys who competed and came in just peeled and fine.


Yeah I've followed Stu's thread and read it a couple of times lol it is quite the gem... I don't know if I'm going to try to peak using the same shredded in 6 days protocol heard it is hit or miss and i dont want to miss since its my first and i've never tried it before.. I liked the advice CT gave him by telling him he can't go wrong since he had already leaned down nasty.


That's what this thread's for.


Some people have different goals, maybe he just wants to compete for the fun of it and get some experience? Mind u, getting shredded at 205 and say 10% BF would mean he'd come in at high 180's i guess so yeah ur prob right.

To each their own.

OP, wat BF% are u at atm?


No. I'm around 186 (depending on a few variables) but 7 weeks is right..


Maybe around ~7%, I feel like I'm on the right track.


Does anyone mega dose on a nitric oxide type product or something of that nature before stepping on stage? Or does the carb-up give all the pump that's needed?


That's exactly the kind of comment that is killing any would-be bodybuilder's will to compete. Or it may just fuel it!! BTW, I have seen guys that size actually win regional shows so for what it's worth - just do it.

For the few days before a show... there are as much peaking strategies as there are athletes out there, I say keep it basic - what brought you in shape will keep you in shape.


Do you have any pics you can post, people will be able to help a lot more if they can actually see where you are at right now.


Try the Protan out other than the day before, see if it runs when you sweat.


There are plenty of BBers who don't do ANYTHING diferent the last week. If you wanna not 'screw' with things, then just keep dieting like you are a couple of weeks out, but lower your water slightly friday night just so you're a little tighter Sat morning. If you want, you can use Glycerol Sat morning to get the skin a little tighter, and the muscles a little fuller.

I used straight glycerol out of a bottle, but have since been making use of a glycerol based BCAA product (the company has since been giving me their line of supps for free :smiley: ), that would probably work well the morning of the show. PM me if you want to info, I don't want to disrepect Biotest by making it look like I'm shilling another band on here -lol.



Da Freakkk- Thanks for the good advice that's what I was leaning towards to, I just don't want to miss out on anything that could have been the difference from 1st or 2nd place! And yeah if your coming stage ready at 200 pounds your looking AMAZINGLY NASTY. I ignored that guys comment because you got to ignore bad behavior like the Dog Whisperer advises.

WS4JB- I'll try and get some pics and vids up ASAP, even tho I don't know how that would help for peaking advice the day of a show..

Rocky- IF the Protan is sweating off what are other top alternatives? Also, I looked a bb.com for Pro tan and they have alot of different variations of it... Which one do people use lol.

Mighty mighty Stu- How long did the glycerol effect last for you did you use it pre judging and again before your posing. Great posing routine too man you nail'd it like a carpenter.. I'll shoot you a PM about the glycerol when I get the chance, I got to go to class!