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Few Day/Partial Week Deload?

Usually when I deload for an entire week, idk I usually feel weaker after the week. I did 5 weeks for the West Side for Skinny Bastards III(well for the upper body, and my own routine for lower body…I’m coming off of a foot injury). I lift Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri. It’s my leg day today, but I’m feeling pretty good.

Is it alright if I just go light today, then resume my normal lifting on Thursday? Does anyone deload for a partial week/a couple of days?

What do you usually do for a deload? What percentage of your lifts do you usually use?

You are probably cutting out too much on your deload. I usually stick to some high rep stuff at 50%, still pushing myself, just not killing myself.

You can still challenge yourself on a deload. Go light, but do something like up your volume and make your rest intervals short.

I bench about 350.

On my max effort day, I just did light dumbells(50s), and skipped the max effort bench. I went light on rows too(did 85s when I normally do like 110-120s.)

For my lower body day(which is more of a “physical fitness workout”, I just did leg extensions, leg curls, calf raises and weightless step ups(again…I’m limited cause of an injury).

I think for my rep day on thurs, I might do 4x12 on dumbell bench with 75-85’s. I don’t think it’ll be too taxing while being a high enough weight(I normally do 110’s for 3x max reps).

You could try going up to about 70% on your max effort lifts and doing a set of 3-5. Also do half the volume on your assistance work. It should be enough to stay on track with your training, but at the same time give your body the rest it needs.