Few Blood Drops But Not Stream from Delts

Hello Guys ! today is the first day of my beginner test c only cycle … since people from this forum recommended me of dropping the Anadrol …

so guys the question is , is self administered a delt injection … i am pretty lean less than 10% bf i used a 1/2” 27G needle . ( 1ml test c ) i left the syringe in for 6 sec approx ( after injecting) then pulled it out slowly as soon as i pulled it out after 3 sec’s i saw few drops of blood leaking like 1 cm or 2 under the injection sight it wasnt like heavily bleeding or something just the 3 drops getting down . thats it … i dont feel any pain or nothing it just stings some times when i raise my hand or suddenly its hurts a lil ( not that pain at all just few stings) … did i mess up and the test came out with the blood ? i am sure i didnt inject into a blood vessel or whatever its called since i aspirated and nothing came out in the syringe … so did i mess up and all of the test came out ? should i re-do it ? or should i wait for 3.5 days from now and do it again carefully…

thanks !


few drops of test leaked from my shoulder too like 3 drops or something i was just normally using my phone and i felt something wet dripping and it was test … should i redo it or what ? ( 2 hours after injecting)

thanks …

No you are fine. I have simmilar problem in glutes which is why i pin em very rare - blood shoots out like i have punctured an arthery. It has happened like that many times. Just swipe it with alcohol to stop the bleeding and forget about it. Some of the gear probably did come out but it does not matter. A few mgs here or there wont change anything.

thanks man ! i really appreciate ur reply … that calmed me alot <3

Lol. No