Few 1st Cycle/Blood Work Questions

Hey guys,
I am getting ready to finally start my first cycle. I’ve waited over four years to be the arguably acceptable age of 25 to start gearing up. I have a few questions regarding the cycle and blood work. First and foremost, here is what I’m planning gear wise:

Week 1-10 - Test Enanthate 500mg (250mg every 3 days)
Week 1-10 - Arimidex .25 EOD

Week 12-14 Arimidex .25mg/day
Week 12 Clomid 200mg/day
Week 13 Clomid 100mg/day
Week 14 Clomid 50mg/day
Week 15 Clomid 25mg/day

Please let me know how this looks for a first cycle.

Here are a few questions I have that were kind of grey area when researching;

  1. Should I start my PCT earlier than 2 weeks after my last pin? It’s my understanding you want the test to completely work itself out of the body before PCT.

  2. Is it absolutely necessary to use adex even before Iâ??m having any symptoms? Of course I will have it on hand regardless.

  3. I’ve read the best blood test to use is the hormone panel for females through Private MD Labs, but it only counts total test. Is it absolutely necessary to also get results for free test?

  4. I take animal pak multivitamins, and it has milk thistle in it. Is it a good idea to not take this while on cycle, or a better supplement as milk thistle can supposedly hinder androgen receptors?

  5. Is there any other supplements I should be taking to help control cholesterol?

Clomid 200mg is totally wrong.

Cholesterol only get bad with over-use of AI’s and very low estrogen levels.

Your E2 levels will be very high and not using an AI to see if you grow tits and get emotional is really stupid.
Your proposed adex dose would be adequate for a TRT guy on 100mg T per week.

Your E2 target should be 22pg/ml.
A female lab might only report that TT or FT are above a reporting range cut-off level.

E2 opposes the effects of T and will affect your gains, mood, energy, libido and fat patterns.

So, quoting your thread;
“While managing E2 levels with a AI during PCT, you need to manage E2 levels post PCT. 0.5mg anastrozole per week in divided EOD dosing should do a good job and cruise on that, tapering out after a few weeks. This will reduce any estrogen rebound tendencies.”

You are suggesting to stay on adex a few weeks after week 15 at .5mg EOD? How many weeks…?

If my clomid dosing is so wrong, would you be willing to suggest a taper? Does the amount of time for PCT stay the same? 20mg EOD for first week, down to what, 5mg the last week?

I believe the panel reports more than being above the cut off range and the actual level. It just doesn’t report FT and the question was if knowing FT as well is essential.