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festive challenge

Who can beat 112 reps on the bench in 3 mins using half their bodyweight, I’d be interested to know everyones approach at tackling the task.

This sounds like the “win a free membership contest” - you looking for tips?

This sounds like Something you’d have to train for. Ie. Supersetting heavy lifts with high rep lifts - but not going as low as 1/2 bodyweight.

As well, hyperventilating before you do the actual lift would be important, as well as taking full advantage of elastic energy. Finally, shifting grip from chest to triceps over the different sets would probably help. That way the lactic acid in your chest would contribute elastic energy to your later lifts.

112 reps in 3 minutes with or without racking the weight?

Is this something you’ve done or heard that another has done?
Sounds high, but I think I could do it. I’m at 185 and can do 135 for 40…92.5 for 112 might burn a bit too much though…<200

actually this shouldn’t be too difficult. I know a couple people that can do 100 pushups in 2 minutes, and a pushup is roughly 70% of your bodyweight, so with the extra time, it should be possible.

I’ve done 108 and yes racking the weight is allowed / necessary, the pushup analogy, is that valid? not sure… this is a very specific test in my experience the fatigue is shocking to say the least Ive tried a few methods and the best for my body seems to be sets of 20 with 5-10 seconds rest. I agree with using the elasticity in the tendons ie fast explosive reps reduce TUT and slow lactic overload.