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Fess Up Which One of You

job creators didn’t spring for first class?

[quote]groo wrote:
job creators didn’t spring for first class?[/quote]
I don’t fully get it

Are you making fun of the concept of “job creators” being good for the economy because they just “hoard money” or something?

I mean I get that slapping babies is funny, but is their more?


(I think it was Zeb - notice how he hasn’t posted in a while?…)


He was an executive flying in coach who not only slapped the baby dropped the n word on him.

Mostly I’m amazed no one kicked the old guys ass. The irony of the situation appealed to me as well.

Old guy who slapped baby = white = rich devil = Republican T-bagger

How did I do Groo ?

I don’t assume he’s guilty tho
More amazing is that the only other witness comes all the way from the other side of the plane

But that’s possible I guess, just a little weird. Also if he’s uber drunk don’t the rest of the surrounding people pick up on that pretty easily? It’s not his word vs. hers???

A few small things in the article made me suspicious of it. Jus sayin

I don’t even see the irony man…

“executive old white guy” = representing piece of shit

“black baby” = representing honor or something positive

Was that it?

I had to force that just to try and see what you meant… still not sure I got it right