Fertility Success Stories

im been taking half cc of test cyp for 2 yrs. I started 50 mcg gonadorelin once a week 6 months ago. im going to up the gonadorelin to twice a week. im 47 male 6’, 215 lbs

Is there a question in here somewhere?

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It’s pointless to know someone else success story on the fertility front and think you’re going to be able to mimic those results, because you can’t always replicate others experiences. Some men while on TRT are infertile no matter what compound they are on.

That said, gonadorelin is unlikely to do anything. HCG, FSH and clomid are the heavy hitters when trying to get fertile.

Now with compounded HCG banned, TRT clinics have looked to gonadorelin to recoup the losses in profit and it doesn’t do sh** for testicular atrophy or fertility.


You really didn’t give us much to work with here… Are you working with a doctor? Do you know that you have fertility problems in the first place? Did you have fertility issues prior to the use of test? What about your partner? There’s soooo much missing here. But I would certainly want to work with a doctor to, at the VERY least, determine whether or not you are actually the ‘problem’ here. You also didn’t share how long you’ve been trying, that would be good to know.

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Youre a brave man for wanting to have kids at 47. I’m only 40 and not stoked I will be almost 50 before they are gone. However, I came from family with young parents. My brother and I were both in college before my parents hit 40!


What I thought.

To the OP, I don’t think much will quantify your odds better than this study.

Cliff notes: Almost everyone (over 95%) regains fertility with the correct treatment. It might take awhile (a year or so) if you are unlucky. You might have to drop TRT to regain fertility if you are very unlucky.

I wonder if the sub 5% group that does not regain fertility was fertile before using exogenous Test? Seems like in a TRT group the amount of unfertile men would be higher than the general population.


FWIW, I post this thread almost every time someone wants to regain fertility. Take a look


I’m 60 with a 3 year old…

In my defense, my second wife is hot.



awesome! congratulations!

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With a defense like that, no jury could possibly convict you.


i went to a urologist 2 years ago prior to conceiving our child. i went to findout if my sperm was good to go, which it was…during the follow up he said i have low t and prescribed me trt 1cc every three weeks. After learning about trt protocol i was referred to anti aging clinic and his trt protocol was .5 cc every week but is hella expensive. ive been with the anti aging clinic for 18 months and started gonadorelin 50 mcg 6 months ago. my plan is to go see another uriologist to see if i have swimmers if not i will do further detective work before i have to stop trt to conceive another child… my wife and i do not have anything in place that would block us feom conceiving we are just going with the flow so to speak and not doing clomid or anything else at the moment

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Thanks for that! That clarifies a lot. It sounds like you’re worried about a potential problem, not an actual problem, so that’s good.

Go with hCG. Very good track record.


I used gear heavily for 10+ years.

Came off all gear for 2 years for back surgery and having kids.

Tried for 2 years with ZERO results.

Fertility doc put me back on test and 1500 IUs of HCG every day. Wife was pregnant within 1 month both times.


Very similar situation here. Used for 10+ years, came off 2+ years ago. Wife and I have been trying to conceive with no luck just yet. I went to a urologist in the Spring and he put me on 50mg Clomid once a day. He wants to hold off on TRT as it technically could interfere with regaining fertility. I’m getting frustrated/depressed that nothing is working. I’m 36 and the wife is 38.


Clomid did not do shit for me. I tried it.

HCG was basically instant preggo both times. I know everyone is different, but HCG has worked for 3 of my buddies too with large androgen use in their past.


I’d think if you can get it FSH plus HCG would be ideal.

HMG is also solid (a combo product of LH and FSH). HMG is the same hormones the male body produces to make Testosterone and Sperm, however, I am not sure if the ratio matches what we typically make (I think it is 1:1).

HCG is cheap, easy to get, and will work for most though.

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thanks for replying, i will check out hcg but when i asked the anti aging dr. about it he said they dint do that anymore. So who would i get that from a fertility dr or urologist?

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The problem you face is doctors not up to date will not allow the use of TRT and HCG.

A lot of doctors do one or the other but not both at the same time.

Most likely they will have you stop TRT and put you in clomid. The side effects profile for clomid is rather poor.