Fertility Risks: Cycling vs Blasting & Cruising?

How much more risky is cruising on low TRT doses of 100-150mg a week and blasting for 4-6 weeks using 300mg of another injectable on top of the TRT dose and 40mg orals a day around 3 times a year, compared to a 12 week cycle on standard test doses and another injectable and orals?

I just joined an oldschool gym and basically laid out that ive done a cycle im on PCT, before that I had low test due to health issues (years bed ridden post injury, obese now less so) and I want to spend a few years really dedicated to transforming how I look, getting lean adding a lot of lean mass and then coming off everything.

The guy a former pro who not owns the gym and trains clients said he will work with me but said basically why not just cycle a few times a year and use those as your mass building phases and then spend the rest of the time focusing on conditioning and losing fat and maintaining muscle as well as possible. Basically said youve not got the genetics or desire to be a bodybuilder so why stay on TRT long term if you want kids. And that using a few cycles along with his diet planning and coaching he could help get me lean and in good shape which would be a better place to try and recover a good natural functions as opposed to my current condition.

My wife wants children but is younger than me and is still going through medical school so can’t do so for awhile. I ran 500mg of test for 16 weeks and was using a bit of anavar right at the start I gained a lot of lean mass lost quite a bit of fat and haven’t experienced any sides at all apart from the expected testicle shrinkage. I am now on PCT. It seems I have a good tolerance for test as I started my cycle along with a few guys I know. One got such a bad back from spots he had to stop and my cousin had a bunch of bad sides like oily skin, temper issues and hair loss.

I spoke to a friend of the family Doctor who is retired and not practising but he said my levels were so low before 225ng/dl at 30 years old, that that would probably be better to get on TRT anyway, But that using for a few years and getting lean and healthy and then coming off slowly might be better long term. And that trying to get healthy with such low natural test can be hard due to lethargy, hormonal issues with stubborn weight loss etc.

Also pointed out being fat and unhealthy can supress your testosterone. One thing that made me question how up to date he is or even knowledgeable about this specific topic is, he said using relatively low amounts of Anabolics is about as dangerous for infertility as women using birth control. That doesn’t sound right does it? Keep in mind he is 80 and was a general practitioner.

So many different claims regarding fertility and gear I don’t really know where to start looking for realistic answers to any of this.

You can make things quite simple.

If you are hypogonadal, you can use actual TRT.

If you want children, you can use HCG mono therapy, HCG with T, or clomid.

All this with a doctor.

That’s simple, right?

The issue im seeing is that when I spoke to the TRT clinic i was going to join they did a consultation and I asked about TRT and they said there are risks to fertility etc. So if I am not goijng to be able to have kids for a few years why not just use my own gear and hcg etc? Like is there any benefit to going to a clinic?

Chances are that someone who is hypogonadal is infertile in the first place.

Umm, the HCG makes you able.

I don’t get it.

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I know im not because I had a slipup awhile ago and the person got pregnant. But yeah i know its linked.

No I mean not able to have kids until my wife finished medical school lol.

Got it.

So until then you can 1) do roids, 2) take TRT if you’re hypogonadal, or 3) do neither.

If you’re infertile when your wife is ready, you 1) take HCG, or 2) take clomid.

I’ve been on TRT for 21 years. When we wanted kids, I took HCG.

It’s that simple.



Simply add HCG to your TRT, as always you should be getting testing done frequently, especially if/when you are trying to impregnate.

Side note, old GP’s are the LAST people to ask about about TRT, generally, IMO. (and anything you should be seeing a specialist for)

Good luck.

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@BrickHead @asmonius Thanks guys. Out of curiosity what are the odds of me getting on TRT now running HCG with it, maybe doing a few small blasts in the next two years, etting leans and healthy and being able to come off TRT?

Is TRT for a few years going to mean I have to stay on for life? Seems like TRT for a coule years could get my body composition to a point natural production could bounce back from obesity induced hypogonadism right?

You’re welcome.

Anyone can stop using medication when they want obviously. However if you were to do that, you’d have untreated hypogonadism. I don’t think people “come back”.

Yes, if you want your condition treated, in the same way a hypothyroidal person takes thyroid.

Likely no, and especially not after blasting. You run a big chance of becoming hypogonadal after using steroids for over and over.

Why don’t you just control your food and exercise? Are you unaware you can change your body so much with just with those two that you will look like a different person? Why must you blast?

Honestly my issue is that I think my low test is caused by being fat for years doing literally no exercise literally not even getting up to go to the toilet, hospital bed in my home kinda situation.

So I think I am one of those people who would see a chance of returning to healthy test range if I got lean and healthy. The issue is getting lean and healthy while feeling tired and barely recovering from workouts etc while currently low test is extremely challenging. Also I have injuries that make it far harder on top of the low T.

I know MPMD covered some of the obesity induced low T stuff and some of the studies showed that peeople at my range got back to healthy function after getting lean. And Ive seen some anecdotal stuff of guys in this position who got on TRT to lose the weight quick and then managed to get off using HCG etc and stay in a positive range.

Id just prefer not to trust anecdotes, but there doesn’t seem to be any clear cut answers. The reason I think my low T is obesity based is because I can get fully hard, my ejaculate is thick and clearly full of sperm and I know I got a woman pregnant just over a year ago. So I don’t seem to fit the low t problem, it seems to be being supressed.

This is why my Doctors didn’t do anything for so long he thought it was a result of something else because I was having no erection issues and when he asked about fertility id told him that I had gotten someone pregnant recently. Its all a bit baffling to be honest.

I don’t think so.

Have you gotten your FSH and LH values checked?

You can take TRT for that considering you’re likely going to stay hypogonadal.

There are such people. I just don’t tbink hypogonadism reverses for most people. You can try what they did and see.

My two cents: When that guy and other YT experts become urologists and amass track records treating men for specifically-male health problems, I’ll listen to them. I know this sound mean but when I hear such men, I think, “who do these people think they are?”

Yeah. See above.

Not everyone experiences the same symptoms. And you said you are tired and barely getting through workouts. You are either hypogonadal or not, regardless of your personal symptoms. It’s not complicated or baffling.

You are married but got someone pregnant recently?

Yeah lol its slightly complicated and not my finest moment.

Hmm I think im going to do a strict diet, take this HCG and get as lean and healthy as possible then go do a full blood test see where I am at. Thanks!

edit sorry I put the wrong picture in that last post, this is one of the ones I was talking about

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Hey mate just curious can I use those tiny insulin needles 0.5ml 30g 12mm size to inject right into my bellyfat?

Im seeing people using the same needles they use for test in the glute and injection intramuscularly also? Any advice for best way to go?

Yes, you can. I’ve used them before and I don’t like them. They take way too long to fill and are unnecessary.

You can inject with IM needles in the glutes or quads.

Do you are g