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Fertility Questions


Hi all,

I want to start by saying that I have read several of the threads on fertility. I want to seek your advice on my specific situation...

I have been on TRT for the past 4 years. 200mg Test Cyp weekly, 0.5 arimidex biweekly. TRT is 'self-prescribed'...It has made a huge difference in my life: improved my skin, much more positive, sleep better, improved sex drive, improved wellbeing, etc. I really think that it has changed my life for the better.

I am coming to the stage of my life when I want to start thinking about having a baby with my wife. I have not had my fertility tested and my wife has been on birth control for several years so it hasn't really been an issue.

What do you recommend? HCG, TRT, Arimidex? Do I need to somehow re-boot my system?

Thanks for your help!


why not try first, then if nothing after a couple of months, you can always get a sperm test to even see if medication is necessary?

hcg should help maintain testicular function, but if you are dialed in, it could also throw everything off balance.


Yeah as Pure says give it a shot first without worrying.


Thanks! I'll let you know


I went through the same thing last year. Here is what my Urologist had me do with perfect success.

Take test down to 1/2 cc every 10 days
Start HCG 500mg every other day

Take CoQ10 and some Maca will also help.


Thanks for the advice DD. Right now giving 1/2 cc t-cyp every 7 days and clomid/ arimidex 2/week.

If this doesn't work will try your protocol.


Have you had any BW done recently? Watched estrogen levels? Any idea what your T is at?


Just curious how long you had been on HRT? I was on and my wife and I tried for 8 months to get preggo but it didn't happen.