Fertility question: Clomid

Been on TRT for almost six years. Five on just nebido and switched for the past 6 months to test E and 500 HCG M/W/F.

Desiring fertility. I know I was fertile before trt. I have secondary HHG.

After six months of adding in HCG, home sperm test suggests not fertile (not sure how accurate they are), no change in testicular atrophy and wife not pregnant.

Doc wants to change protocol to Clomid and HCG (drop the test E) until hopefully conceived. Happy to give it a go but worried about feeling bad off T.

Is running a low dose of test E with the above protocol counter productive? I read comments that it is, but purely from a spermatogenesis perspective I’m struggling to understand why?

Any other fertility success stories welcome. Thanks all.

You need to add FSH. A lot of doctors for some strange reason never consider this as an option, they always go straight to clomid.

The big bonus is you don’t have to stop TRT!

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Not sure where to get it. Can maybe get it from a fertility clinic but it’s £300 per month (uk). Just can’t afford it …

I needed 1000 IU thrice per week with TRT to have kids.

The amount of HCG needed is often greatly underestimated.

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Dont over think it would be my take on it, you might be fine on clomid, i was, LH & FSH came right up and no side effects.
Give it a shot👍

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Thank you :pray: going to give it a go with an open mind. I don’t mind too much as long as it helps fertility … what were your reasons for going in it? Cheers

Remember you commenting on a previous thread and have been increasing hcg weekly dose, thanks :pray:

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Was just using it as PCT to come off injectable Test for a while (not for fertility - 55, two grown up kids)
Worked well for me.

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