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So here it goes... Been TRT for about 1 year and it's been pretty good. When I decided to start, I thought I was done having children, but recently my wife seems to have other plans. With that being said, I have never had to deal with PCT & a restart attempt, but after research & reading other threads it seems like this is something that has to be done!

My current dosage is 100mg per week, separating in to 50mg shots (sun/wed) with anastroloze as needed. Unfortunately, I have not been administering HCG during this time either. I have the HCG & Nolvadex on hand, but need advice on how to begin. See questions below.

  1. Do I stop the trt & start the HCG immediately?
  2. Do I continue with trt & implement HCG for a few weeks, then start nolvadex soon after.
  3. Pretty unclear about dosages as well.

I've spoken to my doctor about this as well and he suggested to taper method. I don't agree with him, so that's why I'm here now. Any help, constructive criticism, advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


You stay on TRT. You use hCG or Nolvadex to recover your testes.

You could use either or a sequence. For a sequence you would start on hCG to recover size and firmness of your testes then switch to Nolvadex to allow your pituitary to produce FSH which can improve sperm count and quality. As for how long all of that takes, some suggest longer to get a fresh batch of viable sperm. If you are older, quality sperm is an issue as there are associations with developmental defects thought to be related to age of males [sperm quality].

Your LH/FSH levels from Nolvadex are a crap shoot. You can do lab work after a while to see. You do not want high Nolvadex doses as T-->E2 conversion rates inside the testes can be very high and libido can suffer. Same if hCG dose is too high. Combining hCG and Nolvadex is then a problem as too much LH hCG creates problems. So do not combine.

We have seem some here trying to do the same thing, mapping out a long game plan then conception happens quick and game changes. So you might want to avoid pregnancy to improve sperm quality. There is more at stake than just getting pregnant. You can also get sperm analysis before you pull the trigger.

In many cases, 250iu hCG EOD or 10mg nolvadex EOD is adequate. You could try more for a couple of week to start, but longer risks some adverse effects.

If your hypothalamus and pituitary are in the game, you could use only Nolvadex. If you had deep secondary hypogonadism, the desired effect might be limited. With Nolvadex only, if you see the testes are recovering size and firmness, you know that things are working OK. If not, you can try hCG. LH/FSH lab work would be valuable, but often this is not done. Often with T hCG, men are fertile. Recovery from T only is an unknown and you can only see what happens.


Thanks for the feedback KSman! I am also taking Zoloft & I've heard that Nolvadex & Zoloft don't mix well together. Could I possibly utilize clomid?


Only difference between Nolvadex and Clomid is that Nolvadex has less side effects. Disregard things that you read about those drugs from a female cancer context because so many adverse things are going on. Should not be anything Zoloft specific.

You should try to not be on any SSRI's and similar drugs. Wellbutrin avoids many of the SSRI problems and does not interfere with sexual function. Wellbutrin does not rewire your brain like SSRI's but getting off of SSRI's is quite unpleasant as normal brain function struggles to get reestablished.

If TT, fT, E2 and thyroid levels are good, you might not need any AD meds. Many are put on AD meds when low-T was the only problem.


Any recommendation on nolvadex doses once I complete the HCG process? Possibly the 40/40/20/20 protocol? Too much? Not enough? I plan on running an AI during this time. Anywhere from .5 to 1mg per week.


I just went thru the same thing. But i used HCG for a majority of time i was on TRT. Went thru a cpl blasts and was on one when i realized the deadline for pregnancy was near. I switched from my hcg protcol of 250iu E3D to the same dosage but Mon, Wed, Fri and after a month stopped hcg for a week and started nolvadex 20mg ED. Although it was 2 months early my wife got pregnant, just found out 2 days ago.
Although I'm happy, I'm more worried about the quality of the sperm. I had an analysis and it was very low as I posted a thread about it. I'm 36 yrs old and I'm praying its all good.


Good to know! I'm currently running the HCG at 250iu eod. I'm on week 2, and plan on running it for a few more weeks then change over to the nolvadex as well. Did you taper off of the nolvadex or just stop cold turkey?


You can switch after two days without. No need to taper either way if doses have been low as suggested here.