Fertility on TRT

Hi All,

I am only 26 years old and have been on TRT for 3 years. I do 8 weeks on HCG 6 weeks off. I am on 200 mg of test cyp a week (brings my levels to around 900-1000 and .25 arimidex a week (I know its a low dose but keeps my e2 in perfect levels. I also do 3 shots of 250iu HCG a week as well.

I definitely want to have kids down the line. Should I come off of T completely and do a restart once a year? I am scared to come off because I know it will be MISERABLE! Will the HCG keep me in good shape for fertility purposes in the future?

As time passes there’s always a risk that fertility declines. Research shows that even after years of TRT that those that started with viable sperm are able to begin producing sperm again.

As long as you stay with the HCG you should be fine, assuming you were producing sperm to begin with. Why are you “cycling” off the HCG? You should stay on it all the time.