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Fertility on B&C?

24years old, did a testosterone test and my levels came back at 300, and my doctor would not perscribe test so I self perscribed.

It’s now 2 years later, and I have been all over the place with blasting and cruising. Just came off of a long 800mg blast this week, and am now cruising at 250. Life is amazing.

Except now the thoughts of not having children are terrorizing me. Is it too late to add Hcg? Is fertility still possible? How should I go about this?

For starters don’t count yourself out as it is. Practice safe sex unless you’re ready to be a father now. Many cycling men have had children. Your sperm count is likely reduced but not necessarily zero. That being said, there are protocols once you are ready to have kids. You will want to explore those WHEN you are ready. Until then be mindful of what I said.

If you want to go legit I can put you in touch with my doc and get a prescription for 220mg/week and you can get HCG through them if needed. Runs $150/month including the T. You can get on HCG and within 6 months likely be fertile and if needed eventually HMG.

Sounds great! Although I am from canada. Would that be an issue?

Only an issue if you can’t move to the US

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They include the HCG for you? They’re charging me $125 per 10,000iu on top of the $150.

For everyone else, Dex hooked me up with his doctor a while ago and they’re f’in awesome.

No the HCG would be extra. I meant $150 for TRT (10ml 220mg/ml , 10 Anastrozole AI included, syringes & swabs). The plus with our doc is they will prescribe you regardless of what your natural levels are and won’t revoke your prescription over what you’re levels are on TRT. HCG is an add on.

I very well am looking to do so in the future because of my work.

How do I get in contact with your doctor?

Email me (in bio). Once you move to the US. Not shit they can do until then.

Nope, not too late. Throw in the HCG and stay on it. I was 100% shut down for over 5yrs confirmed 0 sperm count. Back up and running in 8 weeks! It’s actually pretty rare to have issues firing up the engine again.

Just emailed you!

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